Compensation Consulting

What keeps us running?

Strong market goodwill by keeping service integrity is our reward at the end of the day

Compensation in payroll field

Compensation typically refers payments, salaries, wages, remunerations etc.

Setting up compensations for corporate staff is not an easy task. You need to be more strategic and come up with schemes that can benefit both staffs as well as the company itself. These is where a good compensation consultation comes in place. We have come up with experienced personnel in the field who are undoubtedly have the fullest grip in setting up payroll strategies for any type of companies in Bangladesh. Following are some typical compensation functionalities we offer to the industry:

  • Strategic compensation structure setup
  • Employee profiling to setup wage disbursement process
  • Manages welfare of both the company as well as employees

What we have


We have full experienced payroll experts to provide enough advises and consultancies regarding staff wage management process for your company and thereafter can give you absolutely flawless assistance in building a full proof payroll workforce and employee database system for your corporation.

Over the years in the corporate service industry, we have mastered useful techniques and developed helpful tools in payroll and workforce management modules in the industry. We thereby came up with:

  • Remote payroll or compensation management tasks
  • Expert in using various relevant tools like QuickBooks, Gusto, Paychex etc.
  • Service reliability that came from years of company goodwill in the industry.
  • Help you to manage the time horizon for your project.
  • Provide you various planning design and methodology to use.

Profitable Business Schemes

We emerged in market with unparalleled and high-sustainable compensation schemes that gives higher success rate in business.

Compensation service benefits

Levitating solutions & benefits against existing issues are what we do

We at Payroll Bangladesh aims to focus on issues and bring out multiple phases of solutions from where our valued clients can choose their preferred one. For instance, when it is all about compensation consultation for your company, we give a dedicated amount of time advising our delegates regarding strategic payroll setup and effective employee managements or other topics which falls under this particular category.

Here are some benefits that you might find interesting when considering our service:

  • One to one client expert consultation sessions
  • Multiple staff compensation strategies to choose from
  • Long-term service benefits in field of payroll and HRM field
  • Manage your pricing for a specific project in local and foreign market .



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