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From your Accounts to HR-its our responsibility

Our payroll services will help you to manage financial activities including monthly and annual calculations. We will help you to balance the finance, monthly and annual report, send the pay slip to your company and employees, make the budget slip and make sure that your staffs get their wages in time accordingly. We also provide the tax payment, bank payment, CPF, Item payment, office fund for other activities including time schedule. Moreover, providing the staff holidays, calculating their leaves and working hour will be also our responsibility.

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Core activities

Our company will manage the full employment and organization payment methods. Thus this is our full process of spontaneous activities, although we provide many more services which will conclude with a proper work value. Our services are including all the facts which an organization wants. We manage a lot of duties including:

 Managing to enter and leaving time schedule of employees.

 100% accurately calculated salary according to recent time duration and annual plan.

 Handling company policy with other companies, and their own employees.

 Handling the local and international tax payments.

 Providing the bank payslip and manage every employee's official bank account.

 Signing and providing the checks to their employees.

 Engaging with HR support by maintaining medical issues, policy theme and leave counting for each employee, and look after if any of their human rights are divested.

 Providing the foreign delicates report, the company’s new staffs report a monthly and yearly report about the company’s development and financial budget.

Top three services

We are here to manage your financial sector and HR activities on behalf of you. We not only provide secure financial management but also give your employees all kinds of services including their basic needs and handle their agreement and policies.

Salary is the crucial element for a staff of any job sector, and if they do not get their salary accordingly, that might discourage them from work, even possibly make them offended to leave the job. In short as a company owner you also want that your employees get their wages on time, which is the moral value of any company, and then we will make sure about you’re payments to your employees.
Clearing Tax
90% organization gives the tax pay support to their employees. If you want that your employees will have a relaxed and focused work life, then choosing our payroll services would be a great deal for you. We will clear all the tax and of your office and in the meantime we will make sure about each of your employees will get a tax clearance certificate after we clear their taxes by their wage counts.
HR supports
If you are worried about your staff’s satisfaction, we are here to be with you. We will look for you about your staffs need their agreements, their HR problems, and solutions and even though their leave counts. We provide support about your staff’s agreement, insurance, policy regarding their personal life. We are beside you to empowers your workforce, because we believe a healthy community and staffs will give you myriad successes
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