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When maintaining a company, as an owner you have to concentrate on multiple aspects in the corporation. One of those aspects is the payroll management process. Yes! This is a field which you cannot ignore for once when you got staffs working in your company and they have to be paid at regular schedule.

An effective payroll management is a must needed process for any business. However not many companies seem to have a dedicated department that manages staff wages. As a result there happens to be many misunderstanding and glitches appear between company authority and staffs working in a company.

Companies in this case also look for payroll management consultations for setting up an effective payroll strategy that can save both business hours as well as create a more feasible solution for employees in field of regular payment disbursements.

Payroll Bangladesh came up with professional solution team in the industry that works exclusively on payroll sector for your company. Here the aim is to provide effective payroll management service as well as payroll consolations to corporate clients and assist them to get rid of disputes related to timely payment disbursements among company staffs.

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Outsourcing Services We Offer


Facility management

Our company offers the finest facility management services to local as well as foreign clients ready to establish their business in nation.

Accommodation management

Office premises arranagement

Provides PA, accountants & maintenance staffs


Accounting Services

We brought marketing leading accounting service for business and assures error-free ledger and audit reporting at every instances.

Daily ledger and transection maintenance

Auditing and cost minimization process

TAX and VAT calculation process


Investment Compliance

When investing, you need to keep in mind several compliance aspects. We assist you in fulfilling those necessary compliance in business

Risk control & asset class monitoring

Establishing regulatory and internal policies

Corporate due diligence management


Bookkeeping services

Keeping financial transection and statements records are now much convenient with our experts on board for bookkeeping services

Error-free company transection records

Effective monthly and year end auditing

Financial statements & balance sheet management

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