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Our Smart Contractor Payroll Service Will Satisfy Both You & Your Contractors.

Leading The Payroll Outsourcing Services In Bangladesh.

PayrollBD Offers Expatriate HR Facilities And One-Stop Payroll Benefits. Our Contractor Payroll Service Enables Contract Workers To Manage Themselves So You Don't Have To.

Our Payroll Service offers 4 Key Benefits

  1. We offer expatriate HR facilities and one-stop payroll services.
  2. You will get up-to-date payroll reports that are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Our software solution is simple to integrate with accounting software or time clock applications.
  4. We will save you time by handling all of your paperwork.

Our Contractor Payroll Services Provide Two Successful Transaction Options.

1. Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are the ideal option if you need to make a quick payment. PayrollBD can take care of it for you in no time and with no effort on your part.

2. Online Payment Systems

PayrollBD has a range of online payment options available. We can provide you with consultations on the benefits and drawbacks of these payment services. Therefore, empowering you to choose the best service as per your requirements.


How We Help Grow Your Business By Managing contractor Payroll

Depending on the payment method and currency fluctuations, the cost of hiring an overseas freelancer can rise. PayrollBD helps you keep track of financial security, currency rates, and employee compensation.

PayrollBD Outsourcing Services Comply With Local Tax Regulations

As per the employment mandate, the minimum wage and overtime pay only apply to employees. However, independent workers are not classified as employees. Therefore, tax regulations in this case are different. We will offer specialist consultation on tax regulations. Furthermore, knowing you are in expert hands will help you to work in a stress-free environment.

FAQ For Contractor Payroll Services

1Can company staff also be paid through PayrollBD solutions?
Yes, of course. We have modified applications for staff payroll as well as contractor payroll. As a result, we can handle both with great efficiency.
2How do I distinguish between employees and contractors?
A company has control over an employee. Whereas, an independent contractor has a flexible work-life, that is free of company control.
3Will you charge any in-year payroll costs?
No, all charges are inclusive. We will cover every service in exchange for the decided amount.
4What are the costs for our contractor payroll service?
It depends on the contractor numbers and company size. We can manage any number of contractors for a range of extremely minimal prices. Please contact us for a detailed discussion.

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