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Is the E Pay-slip worthy to Select?

E-payslip to
better profit

Electronic pay-slips are an electronic variant of the conventional paper pay-slip, as the name suggests. Payroll Bangladesh will make the electronic pay-slips available online anytime when an employee wants them, whether on a computer or a mobile device.

For several years, as part of our Controlled Payroll Service, E pay-slips works as an alternative to conventional paper pay stubs through a secure portal managed by the employer.

Why switch to Payroll E pay-slips

A pay-slip is an integral part of the payroll process. It provides a way for your company to live and spend money. We will Provide you several reason to switching to payroll for E Pay-slip.

Analysis Asset Cost


When it comes to manual pay-slips, this is certainly a headache. Cross-verification is a time-consuming process that you and your accountant must complete separately. This essentially means that your one day might be pushed back into one week.

Audit Support

Secure Pay-Data

E pay-slips are healthy. Anyone with a copy of the documents can view them. As a result, online payslips become even more relevant. Your information will be kept confidential, and only you will have access to your pay stub.

Effortlessly Integrated

Edit Pay-slip

These changes may be minor, such as spelling mistakes, or major, such as incorrect bank names. With manual payslips, this is impossible since it would create even further delays. As a result, the chances of these errors being corrected are slim to none. Our payroll service will match those data accurately and edit your pay-slips before final overgrow.

Profitable Resource Solutions

Incorrect data entry

Your employers cannot afford to eliminate the error data, but this does happen with manual pay-slips. This is a breach of your civil rights, and I'm sure you don't want to risk it. A pay-slip is an integral part of the payroll process. It provides a way for an employee to live and spend money. We will deduct the tax from an employer's earned income included.


E Pay-slip
for Tax Planning

The tax treatment of each part of the pay-slip is different. Furthermore, learning the different tax deductions from us will assist an employee in calculating his overall taxable income. As a result, you'll have a better understanding of how to maximize your income tax savings for the final year.

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