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Payrollbangladesh Branch office Setup Services will help you set up a full-fledged branch office in Bangladesh. Our experts will assist you in completing the procedure with ease, thanks to their extensive understanding of business activities and skills.

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If you want to open a branch of a foreign firm in Bangladesh, Payrollbangladesh can help you with the following services:

1. Putting together the application documents
2. locating a trustworthy local service agent
3. Obtaining permissions and approvals from government agencies
4. Assisting the branch office in opening a business bank account
5. Assisting in the search for a suitable location in Dubai for the establishment of a branch office

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Why You Setting Up A Branch Office in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh branch offices, unlike other types of businesses, would be registered with the Department of Industry and Trade rather than the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The parent business must have the same name as the branch office, as well as a seal with the same name. It is advisable for a foreign company to engage a local agent to complete the registration and licensing requirements in order to open a branch. It's crucial to understand that a Bangladeshi branch requires an unique permit known as an establishment license. Our Payrollbangladesh company registration advisors can aid with the formation of a branch office.

The 4 Valuable Step-by-step Process of You Can See How We Setting Up The Foreign Office

If you are looking to open a branch office in Bangladesh, our expert team at Explore Business Solution In Bangladesh will assist you in determining the optimal structure for your business.

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1. Submission of documents to BIDA

You must submit the relevant documentation to BIDA as the initial step in establishing a branch in Bangladesh. Following a thorough inspection, BIDA personnel will submit the application and supporting documentation to the Inter-Ministerial Committee, which will provide permission if satisfied.

2. Bank account opening

The next step is to create an account with any Bangladeshi bank after receiving approval to open a branch office in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, however, a remittance of US$ 50,000 must be sent within two months of the BIDA approval letter being issued for finance transformation. It can be used to cover operations and establishment expenditures, as well as visas, food, and lodging.

Accounting Process

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Internal Audit

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3. Approval from the Bangladesh Bank

Within thirty days of receiving approval from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority, all branch, liaison, and representative offices will have to report to the central bank of Bangladesh (BIDA).

4. Registration with the RJSC

Bangladesh's controlling authority is the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). The final step is to register with the RJSC after receiving approval from both Bangladesh Bank and BIDA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do You Need To Wait Long To Register A Branch Office In Bangladesh?
A branch office can be registered in Bangladesh in just a few hours because the entire process is computerized. It depends on several factors, such as the following, how long it will take to complete the entire process: Reservation of names: A branch office's name must be reserved before it can be registered. The name reservation process can be completed in less than an hour if there are no objections to the proposed name. It is possible to delay the name approval process by several days or even weeks if the proposed name conflicts with an existing name or if the name contains sensitive words that need to be reviewed by the relevant authorities. Registration documents are signed: Bangladeshis can complete this process quickly and easily. You might have to wait a few days to confirm and send the signed documents if you live abroad.
2What Is Considered A Branch Office Setup?
A branch office is a site where a business is done that is not the main office. The majority of branch offices are made up of smaller divisions of the company's many departments, such as human resources, marketing, and accounting.
3How Do I Maintain My Branch Office After Establishing It?
If the branch office is approved and registered, it may begin doing business in Bangladesh. The company may, however, have to obtain licenses to operate certain business activities, such as a restaurant. A majority of licences can be obtained through the one-stop GoBusiness portal. The branch office may also need to obtain the relevant employment passes or permits when transferring foreign employees to Bangladesh. Detailed information about employment passes and permits is available on the MOM website. The branch office may also choose to create a new corporate bank account in Bangladesh or to use the same accounts as the foreign company. Please note that the foreign company must comply with ongoing regulatory requirements such as filing its financial statements with ACRA as well as its audited financial statements for its Bangladesh branch. Therefore, it is recommended that a separate corporate bank account be established for the branch office.
4Can A Branch Office Enter Into Contracts?
A branch office is regarded as an extension of the foreign corporation and does not have its own legal status. A branch office is unable to engage into formal contracts; the foreign firm is always the engaging party and is thus responsible for all of the branch's operations.
5What Is BIDA Certificate?
Every Bangladeshi industrial firm must register with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). Investors and entrepreneurs will be unable to get several important licenses and permissions without it, including Import Registration Certificates, Export Registration Certificates, Bond Licenses, and so on.

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