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We are a team of Payrollbangaldesh with skill and professional experts have brings easy process and core benefits of branch office services. With ease, expand your international business to Bangladesh. We can assist you to understand the government's criteria and effectively guide you through the application procedure from beginning to end. The Branch Office is one of the most streamlined business structures available to a corporation looking to expand its operations internationally. Businesses seeking to expand and profit from new markets must carefully choose whether to form a subsidiary or a branch of their existing company, taking into account the advantages.

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Attracts new customers

One of the benefits of establishing a new branch is the ability to maintain and attract new consumers. You can add new goods to your portfolio or tap into unexplored customer areas. The purpose of a new location is to reach out to new clients and establish a relationship. A larger consumer base is one approach to increase profitability.

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Economies of scale

Expanding your firm or reaping the benefits of having a branch office will undoubtedly lower your operating costs. Adding additional consumers increases earnings potential, but there is a danger of expanding at first. Manufacturing activities exhibit economies of scale. It results in higher production and better balances, as well as cheaper unit costs for shipping, materials, labor, and energy.

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Diversifying into markets

Profiting from economies of scale is the most competitive aspect of corporate growth. It has the advantage of increasing production output while lowering unit costs and ensuring savings. Spreading advertising costs across a wider number of sales. The business expansion allows for increased profits and sales, as well as the ability to reinvest in the company and impact market price.

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Branch offices are beneficial because they enable various customer-specific administrative considerations to be handled closer to the client. Starbucks, for example, maintains branch offices to better support the district managers of its retail outlets in a more cost-effective manner. They can also cater to and be better aware of the demands of specific places, such as bringing out location-specific merchandise or making adjustments to existing staff.

Allow our legal staff to relieve you of the stress and burden of company registration by doing the heavy lifting for you. We'll walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. And we can even assist you with post-registration services like immigration, tax filing, and company compliance.

There are many advantages to opening a Branch Office including convenience and ease of closing. A branch office belonging to a foreign company is able to conduct commercial activities with BIDA approval. So get in touch with us to catch the best affordable services.

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Greater Level of Control: A dependent form of the firm is a branch office, which means that its activities are managed by the parent company in terms of decision-making.

Cost-Effective Services: When it comes to running a business in any country, the cost is usually a major consideration. We are a renowned organization that provides you with cost-effective services.

Expanding Business Recognition: Expanding your business internationally can offer numerous advantages, ranging from increased brand visibility to lower business risk. Opening a branch office can provide awareness and brand exposure, which can help a company's revenues.

Gaining Entry to a New Market: Bangladesh is one of the world's largest and most complex markets. Bangladesh has member countries complying with a variety of commercial and immigration requirements. That ensures travel safety and convenience. When a company opens a branch office in Bangladesh. It will be able to target new customers and introduce new products and services.

Setting A Branch Office

Worldclass Branch office Services In Bangladesh

Branch offices do not have separate legal entities. This is because it is an extension of the parent company. Therefore, the parent company has full responsibility for the activities, debts, and obligations of its branch offices. Branch offices may engage in commercial activities, unlike liaison offices. For this purpose, the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) must first approve the project.The following are some activities a Branch office can engage in:

1. Taking care of collections for the parent company
2. The branch office's local sources of income


The Board of Investment must be consulted separately for each request to open more than one office or liaison in Bangladesh. A branch or representative office registered with the BOI in Bangladesh is a legal entity.

The foreign company is treated as an extension of the foreign company, not as a separate legal entity. The parent company is implicitly liable for all debts and liabilities incurred by a branch or representative office.

You need a license to run this kind of business in Bangladesh as well. For more information contact us. Call: (88) 09606999122 or E-mail: info @

FAQ For Branch Office

1What Are The Documents Required For Setting Up Of Office?
Two copies of the parent company's Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, and Articles of Association (Charter Document), attested by the Bangladesh embassy or notary public in the nation of registration in English.
2Do Branch Offices Require Local Directors/Authorized Agents?
A Branch Office must appoint at least one authorized representative who is a resident of Bangladesh. As local authorised representatives, the following individuals can be appointed: 1. A citizen of Bangladesh 2. A permanent resident of Bangladesh; 3. A Branch Office employee with an Employment Pass
3How Do I Open A Branch Office?
A company's board must approve the establishment of a branch office. As a result, a corporation must convene a board meeting on a predetermined day and give all directors notice. To open a branch office, the board of directors must vote to do so. In addition, the BOD must authorize a director to carry out all of the aforementioned tasks.
4What Are The Requirements For Holding Shares At The Branch Office?
Since a branch office is simply an extension of the foreign company, it does not have a separate set of shareholders. Other shareholders cannot own any part of the Bangladesh branch office, so the foreign company controls it completely.
5How Can I Register A Company Name In Bangladesh?
The first step in forming a Bangladesh company is to secure name clearance for the intended company name. To get a name clearance, go to and create a username, then apply for it. A bank payment slip will be issued after the application for name clearing is submitted, with which Tk

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