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Many foreign corporations establish liaison office in Bangladesh to conduct liaison activities on behalf of their parent corporations. The Liaison Office is not permitted to engage in any business or commercial activity in Bangladesh to produce money, as it is not subject to corporate tax in Bangladesh.

The office often promotes the patent office's activities in Bangladesh as far as the Board of Investment, Bangladesh permits, without engaging in revenue-generating activities. The liaison office acts as a link between the Parent Office in another country and the parties in Bangladesh. We payroll bangladesh help you to set up a liaison office.

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Our service is used to represent a foreign company with the primary goal of understanding and exploring business conditions, business environment, market nature, and conducting market research for the parent company's product to provide and seek additional information from prospective customers or vendors.

Activities Required To A Liasion Office:

4 copies of an application for the establishment of a branch, liaison, or representative office in the right form, signed by the authorized person. The Articles of Association serve as the foundation for the Certificate of Incorporation. The names and nationalities of the main company's promoters. The large company's audited financial accounts from the previous fiscal year.

Documents (items 2-5) must be attested by the appropriate nation's Bangladesh mission in the corresponding country's Bangladesh business local business.

BIDA must receive all documents in four copies. After analyzing the above-mentioned information, BIDA may demand additional paperwork. Before being submitted, any documents that are not in English must be translated into English.

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Liaison offices or representative offices are used by companies that want to establish a presence in Bangladesh but don't want to start doing business there right now. Our services must obtain approval from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

Get in touch with us immediately if you want to learn more about how a company is founded in Bangladesh. Our firm's lawyers have extensive experience and are available to assist you at any time. The procedures for establishing a Representative office are substantially identical, according to the BIDA Guidelines.:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How Does Cooperation With Industry Work?
Among the Cooperation activities with industry are placement industrial training, research, career opportunities, professional services, awards, consulting services, expertise sharing, facility sharing, and income generation.
2What Is The Purpose Of Liaison Office?
A Liaison Office (LO) is a representative office that was established with the goal of learning about and understanding the business and investment climate. This Office (also known as a Representative Office) can only conduct liaison activities, such as serving as a communication link between the Head Office in another country and the Organizations in Bangladesh.
3What Are The Requirements For Setting Up A Foreign Liaison Office In Bangladesh?
A foreign insurance company can only open a Liaison Office in Bangladesh through the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). Foreign banks can also establish Liaison Offices in Bangladesh only after receiving approval from the Department of Banking Operations and Development (DBOD), Reserve Bank of Bangladesh.
4What Is The Difference Between Branch Office And Liaison Office?
In terms of the approvals and documentation needed to set up a liaison and a branch office, they are identical. In terms of operations, a branch office mirrors the parent firm, but a liaison office merely works as a representation and has operational limits.
5What Is Meant By A Company Liaison?
A liaison in business is a person or entity who assists in the communication between two parties.