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Our 3 Service Process For Opening Registering Office

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1. Bank Account Opening

After obtaining the approval from BIDA, a bank account must be opened in any bank in Bangladesh.

2. Bangladesh Bank Approval

Then receiving approval from BIDA, the representative office need to report to the Central Bank of Bangladesh. Such a report should be made with 30 (thirty) days of the approval

3. RJSC Registration

Lastly, after receiving an approval from both Bangladesh Bank and BIDA, the last step is to register the Liaison office with the RJSC..

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Consultation and Proposal

We can provide you with a comprehensive proposal based on your business model.

Signing & Paying

The service contract is signed and your payments are received after we review the proposal.

Documents to Prepare

You will receive an application form as well as documents you need to submit.

Break a Sweat

Let us handle everything from this point forward while you relax. It will take roughly one month for your Rep. Office to be completed.

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Establishing a Representative office for your corporation has a number of advantages:
1. A representative office is a cost-effective way for global companies to establish a presence in Vietnam.

2. The Vietnamese government does not tax representative offices, but its staff are subject to personal income tax.

3. The location of a representative office in Vietnam does not have any geographic restrictions. There is no limit to how many representative offices a foreign company can open in Vietnam.

4. A representative office is not recognized as a separate legal entity under Vietnamese law. Nevertheless, it can sign a commercial contract on behalf of its parent company.

5. Licensing for representative offices is valid for five years, and this period is renewable.

6.Our Consultants can arrange Vietnamese residence visas for your representative office's expatriate staff.

7. It helps to reduce obstacles for the Rep. Office in Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions For Representative Office

1Does A Newly Established Foreign Company Have The Ability To Register In Bangladesh?
A foreign parent company must be established in Bangladesh for three years or longer in order to qualify for a Representative Office. A foreign parent company must also have sales revenue of more than US$250,000 and must employ a maximum of five employees.
2Is the application for a Representative office subject to approval?
The application for a Representative office is applicable to approval from appropriate authorities, however this shouldn’t be an issue given the activities of the office follows the guidelines defined.
3What activities can a Representative office perform?
A Representative office’s activities are limited to market research only, and may not do anything to generate profits.
4What are the fees required to open a Representative office?
It costs BDT 25,000 to open a Representative office, and another BDT 50,000 must be remitted to the local office from the parent company.
5How long does it take to open a Representative office?
Once all documents required for processing are submitted, it generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to acquire an approval for setting up a Representative office.

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