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1. Document Process

We help your employer and you in listing and acquire all necessary documents required for the entire process of getting you a Work Permit in Bangladesh.

2. E-Visa Acquisition

Our team can help you fast track your E-Visa application, making sure you are applying for the correct visa type and meet all necessary requirements.

3. Work Permit Acquisition

Once you arrive with your Visa, we can provide services consultations that will help you obtain a work permit smoothly and without any kind of hassle.

4. All Related Support Services

Any problems you may run into along the way to obtaining a work permit, our support will be there to help you along the entire process.

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Important Information On Applying For A
Work Permit

Choosing Relevant Authority

As a foreign national looking to get employed in Bangladesh, you must first apply for a work permit from one of three government authorities relevant to your field.

These are the following:

1. Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), for employees in the private sector industrial enterprise outside of the Export Processing Zone

2. Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA), for employees in Export Processing Zone

3. NGO Affairs Bureau, for employees working on any non-profit, humanitarian organizations.

Though our consultancy firm offers you assistance and information on all steps of the process, it is important that you conduct research on this matter on your own.

It is your right to come to a decision after considering all your options, requirements set by the government and your employees, and all relevant information that may be required.

If you decide to use our services, we will help you make the process smooth and effortless based on your decisions..

Our 7 Guidelines For Applying By BIDA

Private sector industrial enterprises seeking to employ foreign nationals will have to apply to BIDA for work permits. The following are the guidelines set by BIDA:

1. Your employee must be a national from a country recognized by Bangladesh for employment.

2. Expatriate employees are only considered in industrial or commercial establishments that are recognized by the appropriate authority..

3. Foreign nationals may only be considered for jobs for which local employees are not eligible.

4. The employee must not be under 18 years of age to be eligible..

5. The employer must present the decision of its board of directors for new employment.

6. The limit on foreign employees, is 5% of total employees for the industrial sector and 20% for the commercial sector.

7. The foreign national is considered for a term of one year, after which it may be extended based on merit.

8. The application must be cleared for security by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Our Service Solutions

Our 3 Reliable Work Permit Support In Bangladesh That You Can Easily Choose Us Without Any Hesitation

1. Work Permit With Duration

A work permit/employment visa is typically issue for a maximum of three months, and could be for single, double or multiple entries. Three months is the maximum duration of stay for each visit.

2. Extension of VIsa

The duration of your visa may be extended for up to three years from the date of issue of the visa. This extension can be applied for from the Department of Immigration (DIP) in Bangladesh.

3. PI Visa

Investors whose names are on a shareholder list could apply for a PI Visa. The process of obtaining this and the relevant Work Permit is similar to that for an E Visa..

The Best & Quality full Work Permit Support In Bangladesh

We are help you to get a quality work permit easily. Bangladesh requires work permits from every foreign national seeking a job there. Bangladesh has three government agencies that issue work permits.

1. For private industrial enterprises with branch offices and liaison offices outside of Export

2. Processing Zones (EPZs) - Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

3. For employment of foreign nationals in EPZs - Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).

Our Special Work Permit Support With 4 Recruitment For That You Can Save Your Time and Effort!

Frequently Asked Questions For Work Permit Visa

1Do Employers Need To Include Their Registered Name Or Business Name On Their Permits?
Your Employment Permit should include the name under which you are trading if it is different from your Registered Company Name or Sole Trader Name.
2Am I Eligible For A Work Permit Visa?
The following people may apply for a work visa in Bangladesh: ● Any individual appointed as an expert/employee/adviser for any government or autonomous organization. ● Employees working in Export Processing Zones. ● Employees working for an NGO.
3What Is The Duration Of A Work Permit Visa?
Work Permit Visas are typically assigned for a maximum of three months, which is also the maximum duration of your stay under this Visa.
4What Documents Are Required To Apply For A Work Visa In Bangladesh?
■ Copy of a letter of permission from a representative if your employer is a company that’s incorporated locally in Bangladesh. ■ Approval from the appropriate foreign immigration body mentioning the applicant’s name, nationality & Passport Number. ■ Two attested photographs of the applicant. ■ Copy of passport of the applicant (whole/pages used) ■ Appointment Letter/transfer order/service contract or agreement of the applicant. ■ Certificate of all academic qualification & professional experience. ■ Proof of public advertisement made for recruitment of local personnel prior to appointment of the applicant. ■ Specific activities of the company. ■ Up-to-date Income tax clearance certificate for the employing organization. ■ Any additional comments by your organization, if any.
5Do All Jobs Require A Permit?
All applications for employment permits are processed in accordance with the Employment Permits Act. The country has a system of occupational lists for its work permits Job opportunities that are predicted to be in demand and those that will not be considered Permits for a certain time period.

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