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A Dedicated, Smart & Modern HR Management Consulting Service Proudly Leads Innovation For HR Operations

Grow Your HR Business With 4 Exclusive Offers

1. Recruitment Solutions

Unique Techniques Applied in HR Services

We have a systematic process when dealing with HR services for client companies.

Here we conduct strategic analysis on client company. Following this we find out the actual vacancies status of the company. Our company than carry out successful vacancy and recruitment campaigns, During this time, our expert recruiters sieve out appropriate candidates suitable for your company after thorough interview sessions.

  • By deploying expert recruiters in the field.
  • Analyzing labour market
  • Creating individual employee profiles
  • Latest in-house HR process
  • Our HR Service is very Unique
  • We provide technology based service
  • We provide best tools in relevant field.

Our Accurate all in One Stop Solutions For You

We have years of experiences in providing HR support and consultations to local and multinational companies. We like to keep that legacy alive and want to continue with our success stories.

Payrollbangladesh is another subsidiary company of, providing payroll, HR, finance and TAX related services to wide spectrum of corporate clients in Bangladesh. Throughout our long journey in corporate world we have earned a strong goodwill with wide network of clients and vendors throughout the nation.

See Our 4 Procedure To Know What We Can Do With Your HR

1. Strategic plan

We analyze, recruiting or selecting and deploy efficient employees to your company

2. Boost Efficiency

Our HRM staff takes responsibility of staff producibility for you.

3. Employee welfares

Takes care of employee benefits, gratuity, insurances, pensions etc.

4. HRM Consultations

Provide expert consultations and guidance to in-house HR department.

Get Our Core Values Easily

We at HR Services are committed to our candidates and clients with integrity. Our core values are the following:

FAQ For Human Resource Management

1Where can I access my corporation’s HR information?
You can access your firm’s HR information anytime, anywhere an Internet connection exists through our web-based online HR portal.
2How often will I encounter with my HR account manager?
The size of your enterprise will regulate how often you see your HR Account Manager. They are always accessible over the phone for immediate questions, but you can expect seeing them at least every quarter.
3How can you benefit us save money on unemployment?
Unemployment claims drive premiums and Payroll Bangladesh expert risk management department can support reduce and eliminate deceitful unemployment claims. Moreover, we have a proven track record, and a 96% success rate, in defending our customers against non-layoff related unemployment claims. We therefore have the ability to decrease your charge, and the corresponding payments you make is over time.
4What happens when someone files an unemployment claim?
These claims are mailed directly to us, means Payroll Bangladesh. After that we go directly into the HR portal to see if anything has been documented about the staff and then we communicate you to see what the reason for termination.
5What HR services do you offer?
Payroll Bangladesh conduct a Human Resource Analysis to determine what aspects of HR we need to focus on first. We can handle anything from writing a worker handbook, creating a training program, or wage analysis to confirm you are competitive in your market.

Need World-Class Complete HR Services? Payrollbangladesh is Your Trustworthy Partner!