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The Payroll Bangladesh team is here to assist you with projects related to human rights, human laws, and so forth. We also provide pre-purchase HR consultation to your organization in order to supervise every facet by which we can acknowledge and speak for our services. Human resource (HR) consulting, is also known as human rights and the related terms, meaning the benefits a human or employee can have according to their rights. HR management is generally connected to employee rights, but managing employee rights can be tricky at times. Payroll Bangladesh provides HR services to companies. We manage everything from general human resource policies to designing and deploying compensation and benefits systems to transforming the HCM processes.

HR Consulting and secretarial payroll processing services in Bangladesh

Our Expert Team Make Recent Global Human Resource Consultation Market Analysis

Human resource management services are projected to be worth $31 billion, accounting for around 10% of the overall global consulting sector and being the smallest of the six major business segments. During the crisis years, HR consulting was one of the major parts for being the best services among companies, though many companies cannot maintain their HR department due to lack of resources or lack of workforce, so we can maintain your HR within a short time.

The HR consulting services are increasing their growth as Bangladesh is running through development. So, each and every company now become the most concerned company as their motto is to provide their company with a secure life. We, Payroll Bangladesh serve the best ethical services to understand and minimize your staff’s moral needs.

HR Consulting and secretarial payroll processing services in Bangladesh

On the back of major megatrends in the human capital domain including an aging workforce, continued labor market imbalance, the increasing influence of diversity/inclusion, and the need to put employee capacities in line with 21st-century skillets, spending on HR consultants are expected to continue to rise in the coming years. And we will acknowledge you about the labor market details, the staff and workers law and rights to bring growth in your company by our expert consultations, even through manage your virtual office services.

Our HR Management Services Simplifies Your Business Expansion

Human Capital Planning, Compensation & Rewards, Organizational Transformation, HR Work, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Growth, and HR Technology make up eight major disciplines of human resource consulting. We anticipate you will see the significance and significance of all of these aspects of HR consultations.

The human capital strategy covers a wide range of HR-related strategic work, including developing an organizational culture, company design, creating a people strategy that supports key business pillars, and designing HR-related strategies in areas such as diversity, recruiting, and talent management, among others. Compensation and benefits, also known as total incentives, examine all facets of employee salaries and benefits, from the base and variable pay to incentive plans and other secondary benefits, including every single thing from the office, is included in HR terms. Pensions and retirement consulting, as well as health and welfare advisory services, are all included in this sector.

Organizational transformation involves the human aspect of change, with the aim of effectively directing and embedding improvements in an organization’s structure, ways of functioning, or community. With leadership collaboration, stakeholder management, transition interventions, and behavioral change, change management is at the core of the service field, spanning advisory experience to resources and interventions.

Human Resources Coaching can be offered separately as a stand-alone service, but is sometimes incorporated into broader functional transformations for the people side of change. This work area is responsible for enhancing the productivity of the human resources department. Our services include designing and implementing. We will implement your HR systems, as well as HR innovations that enhance processes and organizational performance, through our HR goal operating or delivery model.

We Take Care of Your Outcome

Both practices needed to attract, retain, and grow talent, as well as have the right framework and processes in place to ensure professionals can perform optimally, are included in talent management. Strategic workforce planning – the science of forecasting current and potential human capital needs by matching company priorities with HR data – recruiting and retention, workforce effectiveness, and performance management are just a few of the main propositions. HR analytics has developed into a full-fledged business field within HR consulting as a result of the growth of data and emerging technologies. Our  HR analytics focuses on applying analytic methods to the human resource continuum with the goal of improving HR operations with new knowledge and value.

Our learning & development service line, also known as training & development, deals with activities aimed at enhancing individual and community performance. Individual training and education needs are supported as well as organizational and competency growth through leadership, teams, and functions. Learning and development cover both the soft side of development, such as coaching and mentoring, and the technical side of training, such as the development and implementation of learning management systems. Finally, Our HR technology is the area that focuses on all HR systems and software, including broad ERP modules from SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft, as well as more niche solutions per functional domain.

 Our Skilled Employees Serve You With Devotion

There are three groups of clients that employ human resource consultants. To begin, Our HR advisors assist client organizations’ HR directors and managers in improving the HR function’s performance, such as by introducing an HR business partner delivery model, redesigning HR processes, or implementing an HRIS framework. Finally, on major transformations, HR consultants are usually staffed to ensure that the requisite personnel and human resource experience is on board, complementing the conventional ‘hard’ functional skills that are already part of the project. The client in this situation is frequently an internal consultancy department for us that is in charge of the engagement’s execution. For example, the Finance service line will lead a Finance Transition initiative at a client, and human resource consultants will lead areas such as leadership alignment, change management, learning, and communication.

Our Strength Is Our Customers

The firms which generally supply the HR services are focused on the company’s profit and their market values. But we are also thinking about your reputation and your staff’s satisfaction which will also increase our value in the market. Last but not the least, all of our services are for your betterment.

Our Team Contributes To Your Company’s Success

1. Incentives

Make sure your company’s compensation strategy aligns with its talent acquisition and retention strategy, including accurate job descriptions, variable bonuses, and salaries based on current market data.


HR compliance specialists assist in mitigating organizational risk by ensuring workforce management policies and practices are compliant with complex and rapidly changing federal, state, and local employment laws.

3. Inquiries into the workplace

Ensure that your workplace issues are thoroughly examined by a third party that is professionally qualified, documented, and reliable so that bias or appearance of bias can be avoided.

4. Handbooks And Policies For Employees

Take advantage of convenient options that fit your culture and industry to ensure your policies are up-to-date with regulatory requirements and business processes.

5. Auditors

Find out how to comply with regulations, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, and adopt best practices that will help you stand out from the competition!

6. Relationships with employees

We can assist with employee performance issues, compliant leave and accommodation discussions, employee separations, workforce reductions, and other employee concerns.

HR Consulting and secretarial payroll processing services in Bangladesh


Why can’t I retain the staffs I hire?

The cost of retaining is significant: The Department of Employment estimates it costs 30% of the total compensation of a worker who leaves. Payroll Bangladesh will use our tools and our experience to benefit you discover some of the issues that may be causing the turnover and initiate turning the issues around in a positive way across your business. This will process will assist to increase the confidence level of the leadership team(s).

Is hiring HR consulting Expensive?

Payroll Bangladesh ensures that contracting an experienced HR professional on workforce is more expensive than recruiting a consultant.

Therefore, companies can save up to approx. 30 percent by hiring an independent contractor because they avoid paying payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, employees’ compensation and disability and benefits that include pensions, sick days, health insurance and holiday time.
For a HR consultant you don’t pay an annual a remuneration. Hence you pay for the proficiency when you want it.

With a Payroll Bangladesh consultant you don’t pay for : benefits (medical, dental, life insurance), retirement pension , vacation , payroll taxes , office equipment and supplies , software licenses, bonuses, company events training, sick pay, worker’s compensation, disability, unemployment insurance, paid holidays.

Can you support us diagnose the issues and develop a plan?

Absolutely. Payroll Bangladesh can evaluate the results and conduct follow-up staff meetings to diagnose key issues causing the disappointing results. Moreover, Payroll Bangladesh can then work with senior leaders to bring into line and make the changes necessary to move forward. We believe that It is important to communicate the identified issues and proposed changes with staffs. The company’s core values will play a critical role in the whole process.

Do we have to pay for your consultation even if there was no successful recruitment?

No. We only charge our clients for successful recruitments. Moreover, Payroll Bangladesh offer a one-time free replacement, if the initial recruited applicant does not work out. We just want at least one week notice so we can reassess those we have shortlisted.

How we Payroll Bangladesh gained expertise in HR consultation in Bangladesh Market?

Consultants of Payroll Bangladesh have practice of working with a variety of HR service in Bangladesh and will use this to exclusively inform and implement your HR systems. Moreover, we are the highest responsive and reliable for Bangladeshi and international job placement service in Bangladesh and worldwide.

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