On-Site Administration

What we provide an on-site Administration

  • Audits by HR management,
  • Support for onsite and offshore employees.
  • Maintain employee’s policy.
  • Manual and digital worksheet and workflow process for employees.
  • Employees satisfactions and comments on companies curriculum.
  • Manage the perfect fit for company executive searching process.
  • Analyze the company’s ups and downs report.
  • Providing idea for companies betterment to CEO.

What we provide on Compliance Audits

  • Recruitment/Employment
  • Policy Assessment
  • Positive Employee Relations
  • EEO/Affirmative Action Compliance
  • Management/Supervisory Development Strategies
  • OSHA Compliance/Loss Prevention
  • Office Administration
  • Benefits Administration
What an on-site manager will do?

An on-site manager can be a game changer

If your company is doing an on-site project and you are keeping both full-time and part-time employees then our on-site manager can help you to maintain your part-time or full-time employee management. If your part-time employees, their salary or requirement is maintained by our manager then your management will have less pressure and more time to focus on your other HR activities and full-time stuff. Also, we can deal with any management terms if you want. In addition, according to your need, we can produce you full-time or part-time employees on a contract basis on your budget plan.

Benefits of having an on-site manager:

1.They can manage a large group of the workforce and human capital for you and your management won’t suffer for that.

2.They will find out the risk conflict and analyzing of each individual of the group and try to resolve that. So, you or your management does not need to worry.

3.They will make the budget plan for your workforce and they can handle your finance of that group and provide you the bank documents and pay slip.

4.They will guide the staff and look after all of their work plans, so you do not need to give the guidance of each thing and each one.

Overall, an on-site manager can be the biggest advantage of your project to handle it smoothly.




  • 29.12.2013What our HR administration do?

    Our HR support will help you to manage your company’s policy towards your senior and regular stuffs. We priorities your clients documents, safety, HR solutions and many more paperwork’s benefits. We know how it is important to you and your staffs to get paid in time. Our HR department will look after every aspects of your employee’s moral need such as; insurance, medical alliance or travel support. More or less we will help your employee to be comfortable in your organization.
  • 11.05.1984How HR consultancy help you?

    Our HR administrative can help you in your stuff management even on the starting of your company journey. For any company manage their employees, their work need, policies, also concerning the policies including the companies file up documents is sometime challenging. So, we are here to manage your stuffing by our dedicated HR consultancy in our services. The consultation by our HR team not will save your and your stuffs time and energy but also help to save your resources..
  • 15.08.1963How qualified should be a HR administer?

    A HR administer can be eligible from any background which have those following HR skills, but business background could get more priority. The person with deep knowledge about business and relationship among clients and own stuffs should be a good fit for this position. Our HR administration understands those importance of customer’s needs and demands, even though we, payroll Bangladesh maintain a virtual HR or online HR services for remote employees.
  • 29.12.1948How to get a professional HR?

    A professional and skilled HR can help you in many terms. A professional HR might know the rules and regulation about laws while an armature HR have a lack of knowledge. Our professional HR have years of experiences and excellent problem solving skills, while a hired HR by your management might be the chances of being messed up. We provide professional HR services and our professional HR not only understands your stuffs moral needs but also help them in as a human being concern by which your stuffs can be comfortable to share their problems.
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