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Staffing services are also known as a search, hiring, or staffing company or service. Our company connects employers and job seekers. By registering with a recruiting agency, you will potentially interact with a number of companies that are searching for the best candidates for their open positions.

Payroll recruiting services serves as a liaison between employers and employees, assisting in the matching of eligible applicants with available positions.
If your organization requires extra manpower, partnering with Payroll Bangladesh staffing services then we will save you time while also providing other benefits such as flexibility and minimized legal risks.

temporary stuffs

What kind of temporary stuffs you need?

Using our temporary stuff service will help you to find the best temporary stuffs for your company. We hire the employees according to your requirements and the contact base for your project, who will be different from your permanent employee. We provide two types of temporary stuffs which will help you to your organizations demand.

Project-base Temporary stuffs: Project based will be temporary stuff will help you do project, no matter how much time you take. It will depend on their contracts, but they will be remaining with you until the end of your project, and due to agreement, after the project finish they can leave.

Time-based Temporary stuffs: A time-based temporary stuff will be with you for a particular time. For example: For a month. You can do many projects with a time-based temporary employee. The only thing you have to remember is their time about signing off.

More or less, any kind of stuffs you can hire by our temporary stuffs services from Bangladesh.

Choose Contract-to-Hire Services

Save time when it comes to recruitment. Allow us to find candidates for your open positions by sourcing, screening, and identifying them.

Since any hiring decision must pay off, many businesses find contract-to-hire to be a realistic way to decide whether an applicant is a true “match” before offering them a full-time job.

A representative from Staffing Solutions, Inc. will clarify the specifics, or you can apply your resume.


Hire stuffs directly

Hire stuffs directly 

By focusing on only representing top-tier talent for positions that require “search,” Search/Direct Hire Staffing Solutions of payroll Bangladesh has developed a strong reputation in Bangladesh. Our rigorous screening process ensures that you obtain the best applicants for the job. Payroll Bangladesh’s philosophy is to cultivate a friendship with you. Please contact us to set up a meeting or to discuss your hiring criteria.

By direct  hiring from a temporary stuffs from your company or from your management might take a lot of time from your on-boarding department, In that case we can recruit the employee on behalf of your company on behalf of your companies recruitment team or interview board.

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