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Ours is a professionally managed company that specializes in TDS processing solutions. We are backed up by a team of experts who oversee the whole TDS lifecycle, including data collection, filing, and corrective returns. In addition, our personnel provides post-filing support to our clients till the duties are completed. Clients can contact us through our website for further information.


Accurate BPO TDS Processing In Minutes

TDS processing is a job that must be completed by any company. To prevent any penalties, the procedure of calculating TDS, deducting from wages, and depositing the tax to the government must be done every month and in an error-free manner you can choose a BPO (BUSINESS PROCESSING OUTSORCING) company, and we, payroll Bangladesh will provide you BPO services.

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Get 6 Exclusive Contractual TDS Procedures

We have a complete solution to the TDS formalities, as one of the best TDS Processing Companies in Bangladesh, we will supervise you with the tax deduction and the sources from where your tax can cut in a proper agreement way.

  1. TDS is calculated on a monthly basis based on the information provided.
  2. Payment of the tax collected to the appropriate agency.
  3. Give the payee a Tax Deduction Certificate.
  4. TDS returns are e-filled.
  5. In all tax auditing processes, e-payment is needed.
  6. Providing expert advice on everything from tax planning to estate planning.

We, payrollbangladesh as one of the TDS service processing companies, offer the best service to the industry. Our services are also available online, and we provide service throughout Bangladesh, not just in Dhaka but also in another area too.


Enjoy Inclusive Service Tax In Tax Elimination Consultation Service

  • -Providing tax calculation sheets to employees via email.
  • -Work with HR/Accounts to ensure that tax-saving assets and supporting documentation have been properly declared/given by employees, as well as verifying the authenticity of tax-saving documents provided by employees.
  • – Preparation and filing of Quarterly/Annual Salary Returns as required by the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • – Supply the TDS report.

The Benefits Of Our Service

The tax deducted at source is the amount of taxes that are deducted before the salary is paid. Payroll processing begins with the calculation of TDS on a monthly basis. Payrollbangladesh offers you the best solution for calculating error free TDS every month for your employees as one of the most trusted TDS Companies in Bangladesh.

Why Payrollbangaldesh?

Payrollbangladesh has accumulated knowledgeable and skilled professionals under their team with experience with outsourcing and managing payroll services, one of the best payroll software Bangladesh. We will always keep you on top of the latest developments when it comes to filing taxes.

FAQ For TDS Processing

How we work for valuable customer service worker tax deductions?

We assist our clients in Income protection insurance payments, registered charity donations, Membership or association fees relating to your profession, Work equipment – If you bought any item of equipment specifically for your occupation, you can claim it back. Payroll Bangladesh is here to crunch the numbers for you. If you’re a retail or customer service worker, we will aid you claim all of the tax deductions you’re entitled to. Simply provide us with the facts and Payroll Bangladesh will take care of the rest.

Which month is tax deductible?

The business owner is required to deposit the tax deducted within 7 days of next month and for the month of March. Moreover, tax shall be deposited by 30 April of the next financial year. In case of staffs want no deduction of TDS or deduction at a lower rate, it is still possible.

What is the minimum amount for tax deduction?

According to proposals of Budget 2019, there will be no tax liability if your taxable income is Rs. 5 lakh or less. However, ITR filing is still obligatory if your age is below 60 and income exceeds the basic exemption limit of Rs. 2.5 Lakh).

How much tax should I pay on my income in Bangladesh?

The proposed tax-free income threshold, tax rates and tax slabs for all categories of individual taxpayers except businesses and local authorities are: no tax on first Tk 3,00,000; 5% tax on next Tk 100,000; 10 % tax on next Tk 300,000; 15% on next Tk 400,000; 20%on next Tk 5,00,000

Which is the source of tax deduction in Bangladesh?

Explanation on tax deduction at source from bills against the rental income of automobile on which probable tax has been paid. Policy for fill-up Income Tax Return (FY:2015-2016). Citizen Charter of Customs, Excise and VAT Commissionerate , Dhaka (South).

When should TDS processing be deducted and by whom?

Any individual making prescribed payments as defined by the Income Tax Act is allowed to deduct TDS at the time of such payment. If the person making the payment is an individual or a HUF whose books are not expected to be audited, no TDS must be deducted.

Individuals and HUFs who pay rent in excess of Rs 50,000 per month are allowed to deduct TDS at the rate of 5%, even though the individual or HUF is not subject to a tax audit. Individuals and HUFs who are required to subtract TDS at a rate of 5% do not need to apply for TAN.

TDS is deducted from the employer at the relevant income tax slab rates. TDS is deducted at a rate of 10% by banks. Alternatively, if they do not have your PAN details, they will deduct 20%. TDS rates are fixed in the income tax and vat management act for certain payments, and TDS is deducted by the payer based on these rates.

You may not have to pay any tax if you apply investment proofs (for claiming deductions) to your employer and your gross taxable income is below the taxable cap. As a result, no TDS should be deducted from your earnings. Similarly, if your net income is below the taxable cap, you should apply Form 15G and Form 15H to the bank. So that TDS is not deducted from your interest income.

If you haven’t been able to show proof to your employer, or if your employer or bank has already deducted TDS and your gross income is less than the taxable cap. On that case you can file a return and request a refund of the TDS.

The complete list of Defined Payments that are subject to TDS deduction, as well as the TDS rate.

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