PayrollBD Provides The Finest Human Capital Management with Payroll, HR, Benefits, and Time, Comprehensive HCM Software

Human Capital Management is vital for any company or enterprise. PayrollBD’s HCM system enhances the performance of the entire organization by efficiently handling people. The solution is highly adaptable with any type of HCM policy and optimizes manpower and increases productivity

Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor

1. Generates Motivation

Our excellent employee management offers health insurance, retirement, life insurance, employee assistance programs and so on, making them focused and productive
Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor

2. Employee Skills Up-To-Date

Our recruitment program gives the employees various training which improves their performances. Employee growth and development is necessary to achieve success.
Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor

3. Minimizes The Odds

We recruit new graduates and develop a new work culture in a workplace. Better proficiency, productivity, positive energy and environment alongside good compensation.

Key Features of Human Capital Management

employee need

1. Employee Needs

Our human capital management team ensures timely salary generation, which meets employee needs which is often the biggest headache of a employee working for an organization. This also stems motivation in an employee to work extra hard for their organization.

business objectives

3. Business Objectives

We create informative and helpful charts and reports to know employee roles and responsibilities which eliminates the chances of moving away from company objectives. It requires each responsible person to do their own tasks making the operations unproblematic.

job growth

2. Job Growth

We manage the performance appraisals creating a profound effect on an employee ensuring work satisfaction and added motivation. A company practicing performance appraisal always gets benefited by their employee work effort and productivity levels.

employee dedication

4. Employee Dedication

PayrollBD’s attendance tracking service is essential to strengthen a workforce of a company. It brings benefits to both employers and employees. Our supervisor track employee records and employees can track their productivity hence having coordination between parties.

1. High-Quality Recruitment Process with Human Capital Management

PayrolBD’s recruiting human capital management system assists you to discern your candidates for building a high-performance workforce. Alongside announcing vacancies and applicants’ data management you can also schedule interviews for short-listed candidates and applicants.

Our Systematic Payroll hiring human capital management software aids in the selection of applicants for a high-performing workforce. You may arrange interviews for short-listed candidates also announcing vacancies and managing applicants’ profiles

Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor
Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor

2. Proven Employee Management

Our human capital management services include handling employees’ personal, educational and professional information, attendance and leave data, details of payroll and pay scale, and transaction of all kind. Most importantly, Payroll Bangladesh Incorporated employee portal management allows your employee to manage and update their personal data at any time.

Payroll Bangladesh can handle personal, educational, and professional information, attendance and leave data, payroll and pay scale details and any other transaction with ease. Overall, Payroll Bangladesh Incorporated’s employee portal management enables the employees to monitor and update their personal information at any time.

3. Excellent Attendance Management Process

PayrollBangladesh attendance management system has been designed to make the best use of your workforce thereby to minimize swindle in time reporting. You can choose your own suitable scheme from our diverse attendance entry methods as well as can be benefited from our standard attendance report.

Payroll Bangladesh’s attendance management system is built to maximize the efficiency of your employees while reducing time reporting fraud. You may choose your own appropriate scheme from our various attendance entry methods and benefit from our standard attendance study for your human capital management.

Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor
Human Capital Management with Payroll Benefits Payroll PEO Contractor

4. Get World-Class Leave Management Support From Us

Our enriched leave management allows the time and labor management by which you to configure your very own leave policy by defining different leave types and their applications. You can allocate half day as well as full day leaves and can also keep track of employees’ leave balance.

Our enriched leave management helps you to control your time and labor by creating your own leave policy by identifying various leave forms and their applications. You can assign half-day and full-day vacations, as well as keep track of vacation balances of your human capital management.

5. Take Guaranteed Payroll Human Capital Management

Our user-defined payroll items help you arrange your pay scale and can schedule your employee payment according to your need. Our human capital management service has all the options you need to administer your scheduled, unscheduled and advanced payments, payroll outsourcing service etc.

Finding and hiring the right people, managing workforces effectively, and optimizing productivity, and boosting effectiveness. Our series of administrative and strategic applications include Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, Time and attendance, benefits and retirement services, Human Capital Management Training, Reporting, and analytics.

Human capital management services


Are there benefits of implementing an HCM platform?

The benefits of our Human Capital Management service, go past that of the HR group as they have methods of contacting each division of the association. Payroll Bangladesh’s service assists with computerizing stale cycles to develop into new business sectors and ventures, new workers will actually want to be locally available quicker so they can begin creating prior. The information gathered inside the stage is sufficiently complex to constantly gauge representatives, drive commitment, and recognize patterns.

Will an HCM really save my business money over time?

Our expert team of Human Capital Management can help you in many ways, from locating spaces of worker organization, for example, benefits organization, finance, on-boarding, and time and participation, and reporting the entirety of the information is at your fingertips. With this measure of effectively available information, we will actually settle on educated choices in regards to worker execution and advantages immediately, getting a good deal on the spot, Quicker revealing and wipe out the requirement for augmentations or reimbursements since their information will be right the first run-through.

How Can I Use This System?

The service framework of Human Capital Management of PayrollBangladesh is exceptionally easy to use and simple to utilize, you can take a gander at the upper right corner of your screen and you will see your Profile symbol. In your profile, on the left side, you will see a few tabs – Info, Docs, Workflows, Leaves, etc.

What About Your Subscription Period?

We provide you with the decision of pursuing yearly participation, a three-year enrollment, or five-year participation. For new clients who want to take human capital management, for them yearly participation is the most mainstream alternative. A 3-year or 5-year enrollment is generally common after the subsequent year.

Is it Easy to Get Started?

We strive to help our clients as much as we can and make the human capital management service simple for them, each record is relegated to a committed record chief who talks about and strolls through potential execution plans, just as benefits a devoted record administrator, live visit, and our point by point, straightforward information library, week after week gatherings, and touch-points.

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