Human Capital Management

Increase employee productivity

Increase your management efficiency with higher accuracy of performance calculation in Human Capital Management

Human Resource Management is vital for any business of industries.Our HCM system increases the performance of the whole organization by efficiently managing people. The solution is highly adaptable with any type of HC policies and optimizes manpower
Human Capital Management
Generates motivation

Generates motivation

Good employee management offers health insurance, retirement, life insurance, employee assistance programs and so on . Employee management benefits the employees to be more motivated in their activities.
Employee skills up to date

Employee skills up to date

To keep up with the ongoing trend employees are given various training which improves their performances. Employee growth and development is necessary to achieve overall success in the company
Minimizes the odds

Minimizes the odds

Hiring of new graduates- is a way to develop a new work culture in a workplace. It comes with the notion of taking risks, developing a new culture at the workplace, which is often necessary to evolve from repetitive old trends of the company.

Employee needs

Timely salary generation meets employee wants and needs which is often the biggest headache of a employee working for an organization. Added benefits also stem motivation in an employee to work extra hard for their organization.

Business objectives

An organogram chart is a helpful tool to know employee roles and responsibilities which eliminates the chances of moving away from company objectives. It requires each responsible person to do their own tasks making the operations of a company smooth.

Job growth

Performance appraisals can have a profound effect on an employee ensuring work satisfaction and added motivation to work harder. A company practicing performance appraisal always gets benefited by their employee work effort.

Employee dedication

Attendance tracking is essential to strengthen a workforce of a company. It brings benefits to both employers and employees. The supervisors can track employee records and employees can track their productivity hence having coordination between parties.

Recruitment Management with Human Capital Management

Payroll recruiting management system assists you to discern your candidates for building a high performance workforce. Alongside announcing vacancies and applicants’ data management you can also schedule interviews for short listed candidates.

Payroll hiring management software aids in the selection of applicants for a high-performing workforce. You may arrange interviews for short-listed candidates in addition to announcing vacancies and managing applicants’ details.

Employee Management With Human Capital Management

Handling employees’ personal, educational and professional information, attendance and leave data, details of payroll and pay scale, and transaction of any kind can be done adroitly with Payroll Bangladesh. Most importantly, Payroll Bangladesh Incorporated employee portal management allows your employee to mange and update their personal data at any time.

Payroll Bangladesh can handle personal, educational, and professional information, attendance and leave data, payroll and pay scale details, and any other transaction with ease. Over all, Payroll Bangladesh Incorporated’s employee portal management enables the employees to monitor and update their personal information at any time.

Attendance Management With Human Capital Management

Payroll Bangladesh attendance management system has been designed to make the best use of your workforce thereby to minimize swindle in time reporting. You can choose your own suitable scheme from our diverse attendance entry methods as well as can be benefited from our standard attendance report.

Payroll Bangladesh’s attendance management system is built to maximize the efficiency of your employees while reducing time reporting fraud. You may choose your own appropriate scheme from our various attendance entry methods and benefit from our standard attendance study.

Leave Management

Our enriched leave management allows the time and labor management by which you to configure your very own leave policy by defining different leave types and their applications. You can allocate half day as well as full day leaves and can also keep track of employees’ leave balance.

Our enriched leave management helps you to control your time and labor by creating your own leave policy by identifying various leave forms and their applications. You can assign half-day and full-day vacations, as well as keep track of employees’ vacation balances.

Payroll HCM

You can term your pay scale with our user defined payroll items and can schedule your employee payment according to your need. Our payroll management system have all the options you need to administer your scheduled, unscheduled and advanced payments.

You can determine your pay scale using our user-defined payroll products, and you can schedule employee payments as required. Our payroll management system provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to handle your planned, unscheduled, and advance payments.

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