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Payroll Bangladesh’s one-employee record links time-sheets to scheduling, payroll, HR, and benefits, dramatically increasing the pace and consistency of record collection. Labor management is easily connected to scheduling, payroll, HR, and benefits through a single employee record, dramatically increasing speed.By recording and storing employee attendance data, our time and labor program increases operational performance. It also improves scheduling, minimizes enforcement risks, increases efficiency, and promotes interaction, and is accessible from any computer at any time. Our time and labor solutions improve scheduling, minimize enforcement risks, increase efficiency, and promote collaboration on any device.

Our Scalable Technology Is Designed To Grow With You

Eliminate paper timesheets and manual processes. Give managers the information they need to control overtime costs. Apply time and labor rules consistently across your organization. Obtain complete and timely insight into your business’ timekeeping practices

Time-fixing Methods

1.Time-fixing Methods

In real-time, track the time and attendance patterns of your in-office and remote employees. Get time and labor monitoring resources to help you track your activities.

In Out Employee Tracking

2.In/Out Employee Tracking

Real-time time and attendance tracking for the in-office and remote employees. Get time and labor monitoring tools to help you develop your operations management.

Our 6 Premium Quality Time and Labor Tools For You!

Accurals Recordkeeping

1. Accurals Recordkeeping

Easily manage and store PTO, vacation days, stick days, other types of employee leave.
Scheduling Employees

2. Scheduling Employees

Set up warnings for sickness or absenteeism to ensure sufficient staffing.
Labor Costs on the Job

3. Labor Costs on the Job

Track employee time and expenditures to forecast labor costs.
Tools for requesting time off

4. Tools for requesting time off

PTO, holiday days, stick days, other forms of employee leave can be easily managed.
Tools for Editing in Large Groups

5. Tools for Editing in Large Groups

Set up warnings for sickness or absenteeism to ensure sufficient staffing.
Notification by email

6. Notification by email

Track employee time and expenditures to forecast labor costs.

Time & Labor Management Services Offers

Web-based platform

1. Web-based platform

Our sophisticated Web-based digital labor platforms allow the hiring of labor in real-time for a variety of tasks, ranging from IT programming to graphic design, copywriting, and clerical work. Businesses can complete projects at any time from all over the world.
Attendence report

2. Attendence report

We generate, reports, both normal and custom, can be run. Our time and labor management system assist you in making informed decisions, from PTO reports designed to minimize the effect of absences to comprehensive attendance reports.
SeIf-Service for Employees

3. Self-Service for Employees

Our services help you make time and labor reports readily available to supervisors and daily employees to increase accountability. Adopt a user-friendly time and labor approach to make the workers’ lives easier. Digital labor platforms allow the hiring of labor in time.

FAQs For Labor Management Services

How are working the value of LMS?

PayrollBangladesh’s Labor management systems give the chance to completely connect with the labor force through arranging, instructing, continuous execution of the board, and information examination bringing about the cost per unit decreases of 10 to 20%, lower additional time, and higher maintenance levels.

How much work will this take for our company to implement?

Our Service in a place ordinarily takes 5 to 10 days of an IT investigator and around 3 full comparable long periods of preparing for every tasks chief. Extra time is normally reliant upon discretionary degrees of added administrations, for example, the improvement, principles advancement, initiative preparing, and so on assuming any.

Does LMS require workers to input data?

We usually move the worker tata consistently from your WMS to the LMS as it is being caught through the usage of your terminal collaboration. For the situation where you have workers who don’t use any of these information assortment gadgets, most level one LMs’ are given a booth to catch information.

How does LMS influence employee engagement?

Our sophisticatedly designed Level one LMS’ has formal training, acknowledgment, and award modules intended to help the office manager consistently draw in with their allocated representatives.

How does LMS reduce costs?

As we help the efficiency of your company to improve there is the chance to diminish cost. Real expense per unit is diminished by either doing likewise volume with fewer hours or accomplishing more volume with that very hour. Regardless, Our LMS service. will assist you with exploring your actual asset needs dependent on your present status of execution and anticipated volume.

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