Protect Your Business From Theft, & Intruders With Our HD Video Surveillance Services

01. Our Video Surveillance programming can incorporate facial acknowledgment, tag acknowledgment, line crossing alerts, and other investigation to distinguish faculty or vehicle interruptions.

02. We help Coordinate the CCTV framework with your Access Control and FDAS to record all crises beginning BEFORE the alert is set off and naturally open all entryways in the event of a fire.

03. Midway screen all your branch workplaces from the administrative center by means of VOIP.

01. We can plan a framework to find high-goal cameras in the basic regions and more savvy cameras in less basic regions.
02. Plan and establishment by our own accomplished professionals.
03.Guarantee and Preventive Maintenance is incorporated.
01. We have diverse camera types to cover your inside and outside premises just as for covered up reconnaissance
02. Capacity from 30 days as long as a year or seriously utilizing a blend of hard drive and distributed storage
03. Cautions and video can be checked in premises by your security group or distantly on your PC or Smartphone.

Video Surveillance Services To Improve Your Business Operations Without Missing Video Evidence

We Combine With 4 Innovative Process & Cost-Efficient State-Of-The-Art Security Services

Our Powerful & Flexible Video Surveillance Solution Meet All Your Security Needs

Payroll Bangladesh has a 99% in addition to identification and prevention rate.

PayrollBangladesh establishment limit is best in class having introduced up to 1000 units Bangladesh in a solitary month. With Payroll Bangladesh, you get a solitary organization eminent for superior grade of administration for every one of your areas Bangladesh. Our experts conduct a thorough project evaluation to evaluate your company's needs, and then collaborate with you to design the security camera system.

Frequently Asked Questions For Video Surveillance

1Can I also use the surveillance camera at night or when it is dark?
We offer video cameras with an automatic switching function between color and black/white modes. When the light intensity goes below a particular threshold, the camera automatically converts to video mode, allowing it to snap photographs in the dark.
2Can I record audio?
Yes. Check to see if the Security DVR/NVR system you choose has an audio option. Because most analog cameras lack built-in audio, you'll almost certainly need to purchase a separate audio kit if you go for analog over digital.
3What types of cameras are you provided?
1. Indoor Cameras 2. Outdoor Cameras 3. Vandalism Cameras 4. Thermal Imaging Cameras 5. Centrally Managed Cameras
4What types of playback features are there?
1. Live Images 2. Quick Search 3. Info, Grid, and Graphic Views 4. Multiple Cameras 5. Filtered Playback 6. 2 Monitor Playback