Our Monthly TAX Return Services Make Your Goals Higher!

We at PayrollBD are aware that when handling complicated transactions, a number of different variables and pressures come into play. Your firm deserves sound, sensible, and creative guidance whether the transaction involves an acquisition, a strategic partnership, raising or investing capital, or releasing money through a sale or restructure. Just that is what our transactional support services for monthly tax return are intended to provide. PayrollBD’s monthly tax return advisory solutions are based on years of experience advising companies on a national and worldwide level, and they can help make sure that your company's next major move has the impact you want.

4 Exclusive Services Under Our Monthly TAX Return Category

1. TAX & VAT Management

Our Monthly TAX Return Method

M&A acquisitions, particularly cross-border ones involving less developed nations, can destroy years of tax planning at crucial junctures in a company's development. Deals are frequently completed under time constraints, thus quick access to local knowledge is essential.

Our Technology

Your ability to achieve your company goals and do so in the most tax-efficient manner will be aided by our capacity to combine internationally relevant deal experience with in-depth local knowledge of monthly tax return rules. Even with the most complicated transactions, coordinated counsel is ensured through a single interface.

Our People

We take great pride in our unique, inclusive, and extremely global culture of monthly tax return service. The international tax team at PayrollBD offers monthly tax return services on all over the world and is knowledgeable in both domestic and foreign tax laws. They can offer you specialized guidance on a variety of topics.

Our Monthly TAX Return Services & Methods

It's crucial to evaluate your tax obligation before exploring a merger or acquisition. You'll would like to ensure your transaction is as profitable and commercially effective as it can be. Our international, multidisciplinary M&A service, which also includes monthly tax return consultancy, valuation, due diligence, and integration consulting, is absolutely essential. Our ability to give crucial tax advice quickly enough to ensure that opportunities are grasped and best pricing are secured is made possible by our knowledge of the whole transaction lifecycle. We provide special support to a wide range of company’s clients, including publicly traded and privately held businesses, for whom a significant cross-border M&A transaction can be transformative but which may have previously required extensive monthly tax return planning.We provide monthly tax return guidance addressing:

  • Direct advice on money transfer structure

  • Tax risk assessment

  • Strategic tax advice for investment firms and other new corporate structures

  • Advice on tax-efficient agreement finance

  • Advice on income return of funds to shareholders after a waste

  • Advice on tax-efficient post-acquisition structuring


    1How can I file digitally?
    You can submit your income tax return digitally in a number of ways. You can submit electronically through website, certified software, or a tax preparer. 
    2Who must file a Tax return?
    If: You are required to submit a Bangladeshi individual tax return. 1. You were a resident of Bangladesh and your income exceeded your exemptions; or 2. You were a resident of another country but got income from Bangladesh.
    3Does Bangladeshi have an inheritance tax?
    Yes, All the Bangladeshi people have to pay this tax.
    4Are there any in-year Tax charges?
    No, our expenses are completely comprehensive. This implies that all help, detailing, new starters, leavers, changes are completely canvassed in the concurred cost as cited in our proposition for finance administration.