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PayrollBangladesh helps you set up a system for evaluating key competencies of employees and adjust your management strategies accordingly.

Our offshore staff leasing program can also help you cultivate office management tips and practices, allowing you to allocate budgets more efficiently.

In addition, offshore staff leasing can help you reduce costs associated with payroll, engagement, office facilities, and employee benefits.

It can also foster an efficient business framework and boost morale.

Top Benefits Of Our Offshore Staff Leasing Services

Our offshore staff leasing services provide you with access to a vetted pool of talent as well as the ability to hand-pick your own team and choose the level of control you desire:

1. The operational risks are reduced:

Reduced operational risks is one of the most important advantages of our offshore staff leasing to businesses. They get to share operational and employment risks with us.

2. You retain control over your daily activities:

Despite outsourcing some of their functions and staff, businesses retain control over their daily operational processes. This enables them to implement their company culture.

3. The leased staff has a wider range of roles:

The variety of payrollBangladesh's offshore staff leasing is another feature. When compared to outsourcing a single function, staff leasing allows for a "broader scope of roles and activities."

4. Workforce management is handled:

We handle related functions such as recruitment, human resources, and payroll with offshore staff leasing. Every employment issue is usually handled by PayrollBangladesh.

5. You benefit from additional team support:

When companies choose offshore staff leasing, they can benefit from more than just cost savings. They receive the additional assistance they require in managing their employees, relieving them of this burden.

Frequently Asked Questions For Offshore Staff Leasing

1What is the bare minimum of a contract?
We require a minimum commitment of three (3) months.
2Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
We are committed to protecting both your and our privacy, so Non Disclosure Agreements are an option.
3Does my leased employee work on any other projects?
No. Your devoted employee works solely for your company. You can contact the staff via email, chat, or phone.
4Can I speak directly with my staff supervisor?
Yes. You can contact our managers at any time. We recommend that you speak with them so that the offshore staffing issues can be resolved on time.

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