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We Outsourcing superior payroll, HR and other corporate services for businesses.

Our 4 Premium-quality Outsourcing Services For You

1. Facility Management

Simplify Outsourcing Challenges in 6 ways

We built a strong Outsourcing services in the payroll & staffing sector

Payrollbangladesh comes up with superb outsourcing services that gives you an upper hand in human resource management as well as staff payroll services in Bangladesh. We also outsource taxation process and employee screening process for client companies. Outsourcing is more than just a short-term cost saving strategy - it can also drive sustainable efficiencies and deliver sustainable benefits. Get in touch with us.

  • 1. Providing employee screening services
  • 2. Outsourcing employee placement service
  • 3. Providing recruitment facilities on demand
  • 4. Reliable employee placement solutions
  • 5. Assure superior staff deployment process
  • 6. Remote assisting service for client company

Time & Cost Effective Staffing Solutions

We are confident in providing world-class staffing service and gives superb consultancies regarding employment recruitments, employee salary disbursement process and relevant services. We have observed many companies suffer drawbacks due to lack of efficient employees over time. We therefore equipped ourselves with excellent recruiters who can outsource efficient employees right for your companies and bring back the company productivity. With that legacy in mind, we presently provide excellent outsourcing service in field of staffing for companies in our country.

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Why Choosing Our Dynamic Outsourcing Services

Here at Payrollbangladesh we focuses clients demands with maximum priority. So far our existing clients have enjoyed superior payroll and HRM services and are willing to continue taking our services even during global pandemics. If you are new in business, we highly recommend you to try our specialized outsourced services and enjoy superior solutions for your company.

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Your Most Competitive Outsourcing Solutions

Payrollbangladesh Outsourcing services provide reliable, optimized and secure mission-critical systems at a lower cost. We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward to modernize your IT, including moving parts to the cloud.We will reduce operating costs by 30 percent using well-tested tools and techniques based on the ITO transformations we undertake each year. We will also constantly optimize our processes using smart automation.Our services cover data center, storage, network, mainframe, and business continuity needs, as well as asset ownership options

FAQs about Outsourcing

1How much do your services cost?
Payroll Bangladesh Workforce Outsourcing offers very competitive charges depending on the scope of work, the expenses will vary depending on the services needed.
2What type of services do you offer?
Payroll Bangladesh offer a wide range of services related to HR, Payroll, Accounting Services, contract services and other administrative tasks etc
3Do your representatives have an accent?
Payroll Bangladesh representatives are carefully chosen to have slight to no accent. English is an official language in the Bangladesh, its ranked number one in business English proficiency. Moreover, many nearby countries will travel to the Bangladesh as a way to learn English.
4Will our agents be working for multiple clients at the same time?
With a few exceptional services, all of our representatives are dedicated strictly for your account or service.
5How does HR Outsourcing Reduce Costs?
Payroll Bangladesh suggests that HR Outsourcing is a cost effective solution. When you outsource your HR requirements with a PEO, you end up paying a fraction of the expenditure that would come from recruiting a traditional HR team. This results in a savings of $450 per worker.

Grab Outstanding Business Outsourcing Services

The approach we take is the same whether it is an individual, family or business client, although these interests are typically intertwined. We act as a trusted advisor to help you grow, manage and preserve your wealth.