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Payrollbangladesh expatriate management offers unequaled built-in automated standard capabilities as well as local compliance. Advanced capabilities in the home and host countries automate multi-country, multi-currency salary and tax processing. We work impressively on managing payrolls and workforce for companies run by foreign investors in Bangladesh

Payroll Bangladesh does not limit its activities within national peripherals but extended its expatriate management for expatriates visit in our country. We are currently working successfully with foreign investors from over twelve different countries all around the world.
The responds from them are fabulous so far. We have provided international class salary management schemes and recruiting strategies as well assist them to cope up with the TAX and VAT phenomenon of this nation with the benefits of expatriate management.

We provide expatriate management Payroll services to foreign investors in Bangladesh. We enrich Rich resources for driving effective payroll strategies. We notify Loss-free data management functionalities for companies. Arrange Right Taxation services to both company and employees. We provide Onsite and remote payroll service for running a business with the help of expatriate management services.

How Our Expatriate Management Services Work For You?

How you can lead in oversea investments?

An obvious forecast is that business scope for foreign investors are increasing in Bangladesh and this trend will continue for a long period of time. We have Expatriate Management team who analyzed the trend long back and therefore equipped ourselves accordingly. For expatriates in the nation we have:

  • Worldclass accommodations for foreign delegates
  • Manage superb workplace that meet international standard
  • Top of the class recruitment facility for companies
  • Superb VAT and TAX services for foreign investors
  • All in one staff payroll solutions for client companies

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Get Core Benefits From our Expatriate Management Services

Onsite HRM assistance

As a foreign owner, it often gets tough to handle all the issues regarding the company you have established in Bangladesh. This includes managing HRM of the business. But now it is quite easy as we can outsource your company's HRM needs. This is also quite a business friendly solution for expatriates willing to trade in Bangladesh. Our Expatriate Management services helps you to manage your all problem.

Employee taxes

As a foreign company owner you must consider staff tax policies. When managing, their monthly wages and capital benefits, you must consider the tax deduction rate as well. Our Expatriate Management team can resolve all staff tax issues by developing an individual employee payroll profile base. Our Expatriate Management services helps in managing taxes for individual staff salaries more systematically.

Tax & VAT management

Another issue that often haunt foreign investors in our country is the Tax and VAT filing process. It is undoubtedly complicated. Luckily we have experts for this sectors as well. Our professionals Expatriate Management team work side by side with national tax and VAT agencies and are able to solve out these matters with efficiency by filing error-free VAT and taxes documents and lowering the year end tax returns.

Local compliance and labour law

Our business can outsource all assistances and consultancies regarding local labour law related subjects. Moreover our Expatriate Management services can help foreign owner deal with the company compliances that relates wages distributions, accountant and finance services for your company as well as total IT solutiosn for your company rolling in Bangladesh.

Remote assistance

Expatriate Management individual seek for remote assistance as many often reside outside Bangladesh. Whereas, payroll service is a serious module to concentrate about. So the simplest method we have come up with is the remote payroll management service. Our experts can assist you remotely and can come up with resourceful solutions that can benefit your company at the end.

Total payroll setups

Not properly familiar with the local salary disbursement process? Looking for expert advises and assistance to structure strategy for payroll process of your company? Look no further as our experts are flawless in this particular sector. Our Expatriate Management assure superior payroll techniques that are easy to use. Moreover, our payroll services can solve monthly salary issues.

Advantages of undertaking our Expatriate Management services

  • Onsite as well as virtual reliable payroll experts for companies
  • Modern payroll strategies are more acceptable in industries
  • Archiving and profiling data of individual employee salaries
  • Tax & VAT compliance management to assist expatriates
  • Payroll shadowing facilities expatriate doing business here
  • Key points of our Expatriate Management services

  • Payroll services to foreign investors in Bangladesh.
  • Rich resources for driving effective payroll strategies.
  • Loss-free data management functionalities for companies.
  • Right Taxation services to both company and employees.
  • Onsite and remote payroll service for running business.
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