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Payrollbangladesh is a corporation that provides global and expatriate management services. We provide entire end-to-end business processes and services in over 146 countries from our operational offices in Bangladesh. We supply comprehensive fully-auditable solutions throughout the disciplines of global payroll, expatriate management, and global mobility as the innovating leader in our sector since 2005.

Our services are tailored to our clients' needs using our industry-leading automated systems and global network of experts, as well as an in-depth understanding of their practices, regulations, and procedures.

The goal of this service is to make the employee and his or her family feel at ease and confident as they start their new lives. As a result, the employee will have a shorter turnaround time, ensuring a higher productivity rate at the start of the new project.

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Ensure your expat employees are compliant in both their home and host countries

The many facets of an employee's migration have a variety of implications for a company's human resources, tax, finance, and payroll operations. Our expatriate management services are designed to address these varied elements for both the firm and the person. Payrollbangladesh is dedicated to delivering competent expatriate management services that alleviate the company of all organizational concerns, saving money and time. For expatriates in the nation we have:

  • 1. Worldclass accommodations for foreign delegates
  • 2. Manage superb workplace that meet international standard
  • 3. Top of the class recruitment facility for companies
  • 4. Superb VAT and TAX services for foreign investors
  • 5. All in one staff payroll solutions for client companies

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We are here to deliver top class services for major foreign investors doing business in Bangladesh.


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Get Our 6 Special Activities Of Our Expatriate Management Services Affordably To Boost Your Business Profile

1. Onsite HRM assistance

As a foreign owner, it often gets tough to handle all the issues regarding the company you have established in Bangladesh. This includes managing HRM of the business. But now it is quite easy as we can outsource your company's HRM needs. This is also quite a business friendly solution for expatriates willing to trade in Bangladesh. Our Expatriate Management services helps you to manage your all problem.

2. Employee taxes

As a foreign company owner you must consider staff tax policies. When managing, their monthly wages and capital benefits, you must consider the tax deduction rate as well. Our Expatriate Management team can resolve all staff tax issues by developing an individual employee payroll profile base. Our Expatriate Management services helps in managing taxes for individual staff salaries more systematically.

3. Tax & VAT management

Another issue that often haunt foreign investors in our country is the Tax and VAT filing process. It is undoubtedly complicated. Luckily we have experts for this sectors as well. Our professionals Expatriate Management team work side by side with national tax and VAT agencies and are able to solve out these matters with efficiency by filing error-free VAT and taxes documents and lowering the year end tax returns.

4. Local compliance and labour law

Our business can outsource all assistances and consultancies regarding local labour law related subjects. Moreover our Expatriate Management services can help foreign owner deal with the company compliances that relates wages distributions, accountant and finance services for your company as well as total IT solutiosn for your company rolling in Bangladesh. We are expert in this criteria within 14th years.

5. Remote assistance

Expatriate Management individual seek for remote assistance as many often reside outside Bangladesh. Whereas, payroll service is a serious module to concentrate about. So the simplest method we have come up with is the remote payroll management service. Our experts can assist you remotely and can come up with resourceful solutions that can benefit your company at the end.

6. Total payroll setups

Not properly familiar with the local salary disbursement process? Looking for expert advises and assistance to structure strategy for payroll process of your company? Look no further as our experts are flawless in this particular sector. Our Expatriate Management assure superior payroll techniques that are easy to use. Moreover, our payroll services can solve monthly salary issues.

Get Easy Access With Our Expatriate Management Services

Onsite as well as virtual reliable payroll experts for companies

  1. Modern payroll strategies are more acceptable in industries
  2. Archiving and profiling data of individual employee salaries
  3. Tax & VAT compliance management to assist expatriates
  4. Payroll shadowing facilities expatriate doing business here

    Key Points Of Our Expatriate Management Services

    1. Payroll services to foreign investors in Bangladesh.

    2. Rich resources for driving effective payroll strategies.

    3. Loss-free data management functionalities for companies.

    4. Right Taxation services to both company and employees.

    5. Onsite and remote payroll service for running business.

    Why Trust Us For Expatriate Management Services?

    Our knowledgeable staff can assist your company in establishing operations in foreign countries, entering new markets, or transferring skills and information to your business partners. We assist firms in developing their management abilities and their ability to compete in a global market.


    Improve your understanding of the local market :

    Our staff has a better awareness of local market conditions, business practices, and cultural aspects than employees because they live and work in export regions. Our team's local knowledge and awareness aid organizations in reducing risk and avoiding mistakes that could jeopardize market success.

    Increase Local Control:

    Organizations can strengthen business and financial control over local operations by appointing our expatriates to manage the company in export territories. With business partners, we set financial and operational goals, collaborate to meet those goals, and track performance. We can help you to increase your local control.

    Transfer Knowledge:

    Working with local distributors or agents, our expatriates can provide product and market knowledge to partners, as well as design joint strategies to increase market penetration. payrollbangladesh provide you to proper transfer knowledge.

    Develop Management Talent:

    We also learn how to manage and interact with multicultural teams by developing leadership and interpersonal skills. Our Expatriate assignments help firms build the capabilities they need to succeed in global markets by developing managerial talent.

    Need Expatriate Management Services?

    Our Expert expatriate management advice is frequently money well spent. The expense of sending staff abroad is already high, but the risk of losing that investment due to a bad assignment or the loss of the assignee entirely from within your company should be considered. Getting it right can lead to increased income, personnel retention, and the ability to successfully repeat the processing time and time again.

    Payrollbangladesh is a firm of employer solutions lawyers with a focus on worldwide mobility and assisting companies with their foreign workforce requirements. Get in touch with us for Expatriate management guidance and assistance.

    FAQs For Expatriate Management Services

    1How can you properly handle manage expatriates?
    1. HR departments can implement procedures to assist expat staff in adjusting to their new life in a foreign country.
    2. Pre-departure preparation.
    3. Non-work administration is supported locally.
    4. Assist in the creation of a social network.
    5. Ongoing assistance.
    6. Healthcare.
    2Why we go for expatriate management in payrollbangladesh?
    Our services assist you in recognizing and comprehending the diversity of local market situations in various areas, providing you with a broader marketing perspective. Expatriate assignments help firms build the capabilities they need to succeed in global markets by developing managerial talent.
    3Is your agency an equal opportunity employer?
    Finally, we want to ensure that all applicants, regardless of culture or origin, have equal opportunities to participate in the workforce if their skills and expertise fit the needs of the companies we're recruiting for. We believe in fostering strong and diverse workplace cultures that allow people to thrive and demonstrate their diverse abilities.
    4How Do I Get a Quote for Service?
    We will gladly provide you with a free estimate. Please contact us via phone or email right away.

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