Statutory Registration

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In payroll Bangladesh, tax services is one of the vital elements.

We support our clients to understand the tax schemes, to clear their tax, vat, and service charges. Also, provide them the tax alert which will be problematic for them. Moreover, the tax law and legal concerns with the documented file we assure to our user.

Accounting service will help you with revenue, tax returns, accounts, and financial report, and expenses.

An account service from us will handle the billing service by keeping the track record of past and present account system, our experts will handle each and every account of a company, including the tax clearance

Our company will manage the full employment and organization payment methods.

If you are worried about your staff’s satisfaction, we are here to be with you. We will look for you about your staffs need their agreements, their HR problems, and solutions and even though their leave counts. We provide support about your staff’s agreement, insurance, policy regarding their personal life.

Offshore management is quite different from outsourcing in business.

Offshore management is when some part of a company moves to another country and managed overseas, and managing your work from various places can be challenging. Payroll Bangladesh is here to help you with our offshore HR management team.

The internal audit will help a company to its ups and downs, and find out its flaws to correct and help to minimize the way by which the risk factors will divert.

internal audit is not only helping the staff to demonstrate their workplace but also acknowledge the chairpersons of that company, that where the risk factors and what are can be the upcoming circumstances they can face.

contractual staff management meaning the short-term contracts.

Generally, part-time workers on local or international background have the tendency to work on a contract basis for a short time and payroll Bangladesh will provide you the part-time contact-based stuff and we will manage the stuff for you so you do not have to deal with any kind of unwanted risk by your short time stuff.

Eliminate unwanted risks

A statutory registration will help you to keep the record of your specific property, shares, departments or any intellectual property. But you can keep the record only which you are registered in statutory service. Here's we are to provide you services on how to exclude a risk from your risk register. When visitors sign in to your services after this is finished, they will not see this danger. This is useful for threats that were added in error or that are no longer applicable.

What kind of statutory registration you need?

Register for the member

In a statutory services you can register your employee for getting idea about their work and duties. Manage your register with Payroll.


To avoid the legal issues it will be a wise option for registering your certificates and patent. Payroll Can provide you certified trainings.

Register your assets

You must have register your assets and properties for overcome your future risks. Don't be late to Contact, We are here to manage your assets.

Registers your share

If you are running your company with partners, then it would be a better option to register the shares from your parts.

Need a statutory book?

A statutory book is the record where all the details are kept for your registered shares, property, organizations, and members.

Whenever anything is going wrong it will be easy to check the statutory book to find out the flaws. Payroll Bangladesh will provide you those statutory book facilities. As part of our service to our clients, we agree to keep the company's statutory documents up to date before sending them to the Registrar of Companies until we receive written instructions.

What is statutory registration number?

A statutory registration number is the authorized number for the company or the documents or the member for which the registration happened. The registration number is served for the authorization, which means the number will be assessable for only the registered person or the registered organization, a statutory registered number is not for the government purpose or for public use. We will verify and provide the registration number to the exact authorized person and make sure about unwanted authorization.


Registration services

A statutory service can be beneficial for you in many ways by providing various services including the most modern online system

Online Service

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The online registration will help our clients to check their all status about registered members or registered organizations or registered projects. The online registered system will help our registered customers to check everything within their flexible choice. Payroll Bangladesh not only provide the statutory registration service but also give online registration services.

Statutory requirements

We cover every topic by our statutory services, we analyze and provide the report and documented the file. While according to government rules 204 on the new customs rules, attach the files for submission will cover by our statutory registration services. We arrange the monthly and annual registration services by those the company has an idea about each and every one of their updates.

Statutory requirements

The policy you have to maintain

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Statutory Auditor

A statuatory audit can manage your flaws

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Registration Process

While you choose statutory registration services the director of that board of the registered company has to go through the first audit, and a first audit will take 90 days to fix the position of a country through EGM to decide the company’s position. Due to section 141, the company which is legally stood them successfully in the market they have to registered their all certificate and first audit report.

How statutory books is ethical?

Keeping statutory books is not easy at all. But having a statutory book will notify you about the policies and also about your registered claims. Even though having a registered book service from payroll, Bangladesh will ensure your licensed insurances. Giving a chance to having a book registered service will also manage your cash receipts.

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