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Outstanding 4 Basic Functionalities For You

1. Permanent Staffing


Top Class Staffing Services

Business often require effective staffing services to sieve out efficient employees for carrying proper company operations.

Payroll Bangladesh is a subsidiary of Payrollbd is rolling in this corporate industry for quite a long term. During this long period the company have earned a lot of practical experience in company payroll process, HRM and taxational services.

Staffing is one of the services that we provide at a premium level to our client companies in Bangladesh. We also provide overseas client support and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions to benefit overseas clients.


World class staffing solutions in business field

We the Payroll Bangladesh team, provides one of the best payroll, taxational and HRM solutions in Bangladesh. Our team consist of experienced HRM and recruitment specialists. Moreover, our staffing service incorporates expert at employee interview, screening and verification processes before recruitment.

Moreover, Our company puts reliability and efficiency on frontline when recruiting and placing new employees to client companies in Bangladesh.


Among many other corporate services we provide to our clients, the significant amount of our efforts during daily service hours go to staff recruitment process for companies.

We have grips in almost all the business sectors our clients require to conduct business. However, our staffing services follow a state of the art tools and technologies. Following are some of our highlighted functionalities:

01. Current company employee analysis
02. New staff necessity analysis in company
03. Vacancy announcement campaigning
04. New staffing and recruitment process
05. Applicant analysis, profiling & shortlisting
06. Screening and validating of new candidate
07. Placing & monitoring new staff efficiency
08. Deploying overseas employees for companies
09. Staff welfare monitoring and maintaining services


Our clients list for staffing service include a wide spectrum of national and international companies.

01. National and international service companies
02. Banks, insurance and other financial agencies
03. Humanitarian organizations
04. News and media broadcasting facilities
05. Renowned training and academic institutes
06. Government agencies and contract projects
07. Overseas companies and businesses


Our services Include

During a long service years in corporate world we have gathered good knowledge and strong networks in recruiting fields. We have also came up with several extra benefits that might pursue you to enjoy our staffing services for your company

01. Certified recruiters with years of practical experience in the industry
02. State of the art HRM tools and techniques
03. Skilled recruitment on the basis of company demands and benefits
04. 24/7 uninterrupted client support


Additional functionalities for you

We are not limited to few confined functionalities only but want to brunch out strong in this competitive corporate market. With that in mind, here are sever other services we are providing:

01. Master vendor services
02. Placement services
03. Secretarial services
04. Executive recruitments

FAQs For Staffing Services

1How long before I can bring PayrollBD employees onto my payroll?
Since every customer's circumstance is novel, time is arranged when the request is put. Direct Hire and Quick Hire are additionally magnificent alternatives.
2Do all candidates go through your screening process?
Indeed. The interaction incorporates broad utilization of payrollBD's Manyrestrictive screening devices. Every payrollBD's office observes Standard Operating Procedures identified with screening to guarantee superior grade, steady quality and administration.
3What if there are performance or other issues with your employee?
Advise your nearby payrollBD's office and we will work rapidly and in organization with you to determine the issue on the double agreeable to you.
4If I have an ASAP need will you be able to provide someone qualified?
As a rule, yes, in spite of the fact that there might be uncommon conditions where tracking down the right expertise match is a test requiring additional time. payrollBD's doesn't send you just anybody. Our objective is consistently the right competitor with the perfect abilities at the perfect time for your particular need.
5How and when do your employees get paid?
Our representatives are paid week by week, through our advantageous PayCard, a Mastercard check card, which gives workers the choice to set up direct store to their ledger or use at ATMs and places to checkout.

We Also Offer Permanent Staffing Services in Bangladesh