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We provide leadership, board, and executive evaluation services in addition to executive search. While developing deep roots in our local communities, our international executive team shares knowledge and best practices around the world. We can provide pinpoint precision advice since we have unrivaled experience in every major industry sector and important functional area. We assist you in overcoming these obstacles and determining the best applicant for the role through our executive search and executive evaluation services.

We can find “fit-for-purpose” executives for your Executive Board of Directors, CEO, President, C-Suite, Vice President, or across functional areas, while always keeping diversity in mind. Through excellence in executive search, we assist in identifying the greatest personnel, forming effective teams, and generating value for shareholders.

1. Time Period

An executive search will be taking more than three months from searching to joining.

2. Agreement Details

You have to fix the agreement details which should be handy for both parties.

3. Salary

The salary depends on recruiter’s ability, skills and the company's account services.

4. Agent’s Profit

An agent will only get profits or commission when they will be able find out perfect candidate for a CEO's post.

Find Out Excellent Headhunter Support

A headhunter is the person who will be responsible for the executive search of your perfectly desired employee. A headhunter will only get paid when they find out the particular person for the position of that company and when the person joins on that post then the headhunter gets paid. The commission of a headhunter is equal to the annual salary of a senior-level employee.

The commission of executive search is equal to the annual salary of a senior-level employee.

Generally a headhunter is the recruiter officer from the executive search agency. Have a Look about 4 premium support:

  • 1. A headhunter is the reponsible for employee leasing which will fit your position.
  • 2. The headhunter will delegate your client’s policy.
  • 3. The headhunter will help you to find a job
  • 4. The agreement and salary discussion will be headhunter’s jobs, so your hand will be clean.

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Why is Our Executive Search Process Different Among Others?

Why Trust Us?

Our core area of service to our clients is executive search. We assist you in identifying the greatest candidates, forming effective teams, and generating shareholder value via excellence. We identify great leaders who are familiar with your markets and company culture.

1. Close Working relationships: Our executive search teams at Stanton Chase form close and effective working relationships with you to ensure that we fully get your strategic problems and search requirements. Listening, integrity, and trust are the foundations of this partnership.

2. Deep Local Expertise: Being aware of local markets is essential for executive search success. Our partners are successful business people who are deeply rooted in their communities. We comprehend growing area concerns and provide you with essential local insights thanks to our local ownership.

3. Coverage Across the Globe: We have the resources to scour the globe for talent and tap into the growing global pool of senior executives. Through our extensive network of offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and North America, we provide executive search and leadership consulting services.

4. Capacity for International/Cross-Border Travel: We look for the greatest prospects, no matter where they are; our branches' significant cooperation allows us to cast a wide net. To satisfy your executive search needs, our global partner offices collaborate smoothly.

5. Specialization in A Certain Industry: Through our specialist industry practice groups, we can provide you with in-depth industry knowledge. Our worldwide consultants have deep industry and sector knowledge and keep up with global trends and concerns in these fields.

6. Our Search Methodology: We provide value and insight to the selection of individually viable applicants in a world where CVs are available everywhere on the internet. Our methodology is extensive and disciplined, ensuring that we locate excellent people who meet your technical needs and more.

FAQs For Executive Search Services

1How can PayrollBD support our global Talent Acquisition strategy?
Our aim of the executive search services is to offer real added value to our client using collaborative tool enabling us to function as a coherent global units. This ensures speedy admittance to master information, proficient execution of best practices and a quicker examination measure. Tackling the force of our worldwide association serves our global, yet in addition our neighborhood customers.
2Which differentiates PayrollBD’s Executive Search Services from those of the competition?
Our advisors for the executive search process include themselves profoundly in each search and are upheld by in-house research groups situated in the various nations. This permits us to choose the best group for you and foster a customized scan procedure for every task.
3How Much does an Executive Search Cost?
Most customary held pursuit firms charge a rate expense going from 30-33% of the competitor's first-year absolute money pay, which incorporates the base compensation, marking reward, and some other projected rewards in terms of executive search.
4Who are PayrollBD's customers?
All organizations from new businesses, SME, Private Equity and large multinationals that are searching for leaders and break administrators, predominantly for cross boundary arrangements in an exceptionally quick, adaptable and non-exorbitant way of executive search. PayrollBD is the main for global interval the board or super durable leader positions, lessening cost for growing or rebuilding firms of any size and any area.
5How does PayrollBD track down the right profile for a position?
PayrollBD characterizes along with the customer the profile for the vacant position. The vast experience of payrollBD's leader global arrangements ensures that the profile will cover all important and helpful measures required for a proficient inquiry, to give the customer a first restrictive determination of appropriate chief possibility for the empty situation inside one week.