Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services Ensure Businesses Source & Hire The Best Talent Faster

Payrollbangladesh’s recruitment process outsourcing solutions are industry-leading in terms of methodology, measurable results, and flexible solutions for every stage of the hiring process. In a nutshell, our RPO recruitment solutions assist you in eliminating the guesswork associated with talent acquisition. RPO is the perfect recruiting strategy for you if you want to improve the speed, agility, consistency, and flexibility of your recruitment process. Our Project RPO solution enables an organization to employ a team of expert talent management experts to rapidly fill a particular need within a set time period, such as addressing recruiting backlogs, launching a new sales team, fulfilling an unexpected hiring requirement, or talent pooling and sourcing. Finally, you can develop your contingent workforce with the help of our outsourced contractor, ensuring that you have access to a high-quality talent pool anytime you need it.

How Our RPO Model Worked For You!
Why RPO is Important

Our Exclusive RPO Will Be Your Perfect Choice

As an award-winning RPO partner to all types of sectors around the world, we have decades of experience. We’re also the only source that evaluates and benchmarks skillset and mentality for each function, including market insight, job design, and sourcing specialists, to reach recruiting targets without compromising applicant quality, unlike recruitment process outsourcing agencies that hire and leave. So you locate individuals who don’t only check boxes on a resume but also fit in with your team and culture.

Our service will help you to hire the employee from those third-party vendors which include RPO services. And our RPO service will help to save your time for hiring outsourcing employees.


World Class BPO and Recruitment process

With BPO, We work To improve cost, quality, performance, operation, and scalability,  outsources the management of an internal business feature to a third-party expert. Third party is in charge of recruiting the employees as well ongoing success and production.

We include 4 Authentic the outsourcing services:

  1. Help Desk.
  2. IT applications are supported.
  3. IT infrastructure develop.
  4. Accounts growth and payable Processing.

We Ensure Scalable RPO Solutions To Meet Your Talent Needs

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service provides you with expert hiring assistance when you need it. An external partner, such as us, takes care of part or all of your hiring process, tackling the difficult challenge of finding the right people at the right time without driving up prices. We tailor our searches to what your company requires right now—or in the near future. We also make your hiring practices more equitable and inclusive. Payrollbangladesh’s RPO recruitment solutions assist organizations in building stronger talent pipelines by utilizing our years of experience in navigating candidate pools and identifying top talent who align with our client’s culture and values. Our candidate-centric approach to RPO recruiting, talent acquisition, and pipeline management enable our clients to expand the scope of their recruiting programs without compromising applicant experience.

Our RPO strategies can significantly reduce cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and turnover, as well as measurably increase hiring efficiency, reporting, and scalability, resulting in a much greater return on investment, so that we will use the perfect RPO strategies for you.


FAQs For RPO Services

How do your RPO pricing models work?

We have three basic models:

  1. Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and cost of recruiters allocated to your business.
  2. Fee per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the candidate.
  3. Combined management fee, plus reduced placement fee.
Which technology do you recommend?

We are innovation rationalist, which means while we have insight with a scope of various advances we are not married to any one innovation. We can work with your picked innovation, or assist you with picking the right innovation, to suit your individual conditions

Can you integrate with our ATS?

We’ve worked with various candidate global positioning frameworks throughout the long term, as we’re competent at enhancing and conveying RPO administrations across a wide range of apparatuses and frameworks. Part of the mastery we offer is supporting you in the turn of events and the board of your enrollment innovation to make the sourcing, handling and the executives of your representatives simple.

I only need seasonal or temporary recruiting assistance, will an RPO work for me?

One of the many advantages of RPO is the adaptability it gives you, as you have no headcount responsibilities. Likewise, we’ve fostered a solution, RPO Essentials, which permits organizations, everything being equal, to partake in the skill and advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) without the regular time or asset necessities, which is appropriate for momentary prerequisites.

How does your RPO group guarantee an incredible applicant experience?

Making an incredible up-and-comer experience is critical to us, as well. We comprehend that tracking down another position can be an exceptionally distressing endeavor for applicants, and we need to leave them with a positive, tranquil impression, whether or not they are employed.

Hire Expats Efficiently with a Proven Partner

Under the Bangladesh labor law, there is a lot of documentation and requirements that are needed to be processed. For the company to save a lot of time and effort in onboarding an expat or a foreign employee, hire through Payroll Bangladesh’s expat hire service .

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