Great Opportunity With Our Short-Time Employee Services

Payroll Bangladesh offers a temporary staffing service in which our licensed temporary workers hire complete assignments as required and directed by the client company. We can meet your needs in a variety of business scenarios because we can quickly secure human resources with the requisite skills. Furthermore, Payroll Bangladesh handles a variety of functions, such as compensation to temporary employees and social security procedures, to help the organization control its human resources. We will find the ideal workers to suit your needs by selecting from a large pool of registered professionals in a variety of fields ranging from office work to specialized occupations.

Temporary Staffing employment in a contractual way as HR services

3. Proven Advantages

For Flexible Times

We will have temporary or contractual staffing to meet your needs, whether it’s for one-day, long-term jobs, or short-term employment during peak times. We will choose the contractual staff for you for a short time by requirements.

Payroll Executive Recruitment

Your organization would not need to hire workers because we can easily secure human resources who are willing to work for you. We will do the required executive recruitment for your project on your budget plan.

Finance In Temporary Staffing Section

There’s no need to be worried about wage calculations or social security procedures any longer. Your temporary staffing payment and policy will be managed by us without your direct dealing with them if you do not want to.

Get Staffing Solution In Overseas

Payroll Bangladesh will provide you temporary staffing solutions to meet the unique staffing requirements as a client.

If you are expanding your business in a foreign country, our global mobility team can help with:

  1. Bangladesh immigration and visa services
  2. Mobilization and HR logistics services
  3. Re-location Site management
  4. Payroll outsourcing and taxation services
  5. Contractor care management
  6. Employment Process Outsourcing
  7. Employer of Record (EOR)

Payroll Bangladesh dependable temporary staffing solutions help you to increase your workforce strength without recruiting full-time workers, we assist overworked employees during crucial periods, helping to meet your deadlines. We implement a versatile temporary staffing solution strategy that meets all of your needs, while our robust temporary workforce procurement and management infrastructure help you save time and money.

Temporary stuff solution in oversea

By integrating cutting-edge recruitment technologies with decades of staffing expertise, we specialize in supplying companies with qualified talent on a contingency basis, sourcing highly-skilled applicants that are the perfect match for your hiring needs. Payroll Bangladesh Temporary Hiring Division will easily link you with the global expertise you need to keep your company moving forward, whether you have a position that needs a specific skill set or need reinforcement during an employee absence.

Temporary Staffing employment in a contractual way as HR services

1. Active Workforce

We provide flexible workforce options in many industries in all of our practice areas, including consulting, temporary-to-full-time,contract, to ensure fulfill our client needs.
staffing service temporary staffing

2. Resource Management

Payroll Bangladesh has the resources and skills to provide a managed recruiting approach to your staffing needs, regardless of the hiring issues the company is facing.
staffing service temporary staffing services

3. Experts on Temporary Staffing

Payroll Bangladesh temporary staffing specialists interact closely with both our clients and consultants to fully comprehend the role’s requirements and ensure that every professional.

Short-Time Staff Service Will Benefit For You

Hire is the perfect option if you need capital to complete a project or a new skill set to complement those you already have. As a Payroll Bangladesh customer, you can take advantage of some benefits:

  1. Project talent mapping
  2. HR data analytics
  3. Compensation and market rate benchmarking
A wide pool of possible candidates

We have developed a robust database of industry-specific experts as a result of our longevity, and we proactively develop this pool of applicants so that we can rapidly adapt to our clients’ most pressing needs.

Hired on the spot

We will provide backup when needed to meet tight deadlines or cover holidays or other absences. Continuity of operations is ensured with qualified and tested staff.

Labor costs are reduced.

We protect you by conducting research, references, interviews, and background checks when you outsource you’re staffing to Payroll Bangladesh. Our verification process ensures that a prospective employee’s qualifications are thoroughly examined, minimizing time-to-hire and ensuring that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Why Outsource Staffing Solutions With Us?

Payrollbangladesh offers dependable temporary staffing solutions that allow you to grow your team without hiring full-time personnel, assist overworked employees during important periods, and keep projects going forward. We are one of Bangladesh’s leading employee leasing companies, providing full-service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to businesses who lack the requisite infrastructure or motivation to handle these labor-intensive activities.

1. Reassuring Follow-Up System:

We provide post-placement support by periodically visiting the worksite, delivering job counseling, establishing a staff consultation desk, and other services to ensure that the temporary personnel we send display their full talents and can function in a stable state.

4. Speedy & Reliable Staff Selection:

We take the time to do our own talent check, interview, and aptitude test to ensure that our employees are qualified in all areas. We can swiftly select the correct personnel for you thanks to the unified administration of registered staff information utilizing our own system.

2. Reduce Your Costs:

Our temporary staffing services will allow your organization to scale up or down depending on your current business cycle’s requirements. Temporary staffing allows you to reduce the costs of hiring, training and giving benefits to new employees, as well as the human resources department’s administrative costs.

5. We Recruit for Your Needs:

We have a tried-and-true recruitment approach that enables us to find the best individuals for your company. We have professional networks across the country that provide us with access to a large pool of prospects. We thoroughly screen, shortlist, and assess possible applicants in order to provide you with the best options.

3. Reduce Administrative Burden:

In Bangladesh, there are numerous rules that businesses must follow, including minimum salaries, gratuity, ESIC, and PF, to name a few. Payrollbangladesh relieves all administrative burdens by serving as a single point of contact for all temporary staffing needs, including labor law compliance and other legal difficulties. We have a team of legal eagles and compliance officers who will guarantee that your company complies with all statutory regulations in the market.

6. Enhanced Education & Training System:

We offer pre-employment etiquette advice as well as security training that is focused on compliance. In addition, we provide home e-learning and a variety of courses on topics such as computer, English, and business skills to assist our temporary employees in improving their skills.Distance education, blended education, STEM education, and peer-to-peer education are all examples of innovative types of learning that are increasingly being used in the learning process.

FAQs For Temporary Staff Services

So how long do temporary positions last?

The excellence of temporary staffing is the scope of chances; you could be recruited for the term of maternity leave, or for a day, or until a pivotal undertaking is finished. You acknowledge the work task that meets your requirements.

Why should I use a temporary staffing agency to get a position?

Temporary staffing organizations get you in where you wouldn’t really approach incredible open positions. That is on the grounds that employment organizations construct associations with organizations to get first offered on open positions. Consider your impermanent staffing organization your way in.

Is there a screening process?

All temporary staffing members at PayrollBD Solutions should give two references to us to contact as a record verification. Office positions require PC programming testing for capability in Excel, Outlook and Word. Work positions require a business individual verification and criminal record check if pertinent to the organization (customer).

When will I get assigned to a temporary placement?

After your in-person meeting and screening measure is endorsed by our People Specialist, your resume goes into our competitor data set to reference for open positions of temporary staffing. Depending on your work foundation and range of abilities, you could be reached by us inside the week with a brief task.

Who pays me, and when do I get paid?

At the point when you consent to a temporary staffing task, we give you a period sheet to round out week by week and have your working environment boss approve the hours. Those hours are then paid out by PayrollBD by means of the direct store.

Are You Looking For Local And Foreign Contractual Staffing?

Payrollbangladesh can help reduce your company’s people management responsibilities by handling tasks such as temporary employee payments and social insurance claims. We can discover the right workforce to meet your needs by sifting through a huge pool of qualified specialists in a number of fields, from office work to specialized tasks.