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company's data management and protect the data including certificates, licenses, financial records updates and protection is the valuable activities of secretarial services and payroll Bangladesh is here to help you with this support. Our recruit secretory will manage this data updating for you.

Along with payroll services, there is much payroll services too. Though this online services are somewhat more effective’s then then physical services, but moreover this are not always effective in the term of such as online consultation.

More or less the curriculum of our secretarial services are is quietly similar then other payroll services, but in more organized way, where one person will know the details about your company . The payroll secretarial services provide:

  • Outsourcing consultations for small, medium and big organization.
  • Budget calculation and managing the payments flow.
  • Give time limit and keep a track of time duration.
  • Providing HR management and payroll solutions via their consultant.
  • Make appoint with business consultant, financial advisor if you need their support in any cases.

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Outsourcing in payroll services is conducting the business point of view. The business dealing included to third party involvement is mainly justified and maintained by payroll services.

The main task conducting to payroll is to maintain the policy and business deals in resident or non-resident delicates. The key terms of sectarian services are:

  • Documented the information and submit the final report to the CEO of company.
  • Managing the board meetings and keep all the record of that meeting.
  • Insert, maintain and process the entire database and protect the secret information.
  • Managing the time schedule for each process or each project.
  • Reduce the cost of companies’ investment and surge the process.

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On-site details

Our secretarial services will be a free help purpose for you to managing the in-country issues, concluding the currency, law, and regulation. For multinational companies, it will be somehow confusing to know all the local rules or policies. In that case, we can provide you that information.


Our secretarial support will organized meetings according to your needs and curriculum. Our secretarial service will arrange the board meetings and we can also provide you all the reports about that meeting to keep a track record.

Although there are many secretarial services in payroll management including time management, budget calculation, staff management, arranging meetings. But all task are done in payroll by different techniques will have different moral values.

But every secretarial service management has additional activities and additional work schedules. This additional works are included in secretarial services:

  • Count employees attendance on daily basis.
  • Create new employees data.
  • Documenting and managing all files of retired or ex employees.
  • Managing all data report of past, current and upcoming years.
  • Find out the risk factors.

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