Our global customers always deliver satisfying words for our service and recommend. Bangladesh is as one of the most preferred destinations for Foreign Direct Investment. It is also better choice for registering a business. Thus results in high numbers of entity/businesses being incorporated or registered in Bangladesh. Therefore, Government’s beneficial provisions towards foreign investors is encouraging to foreign company or investors to register business in Bangladesh .

The Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh has established several organizations such as Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission to help the foreign investors in registering an entity in Bangladesh and effortlessly run its businesses. Again, while following the provisions of the Companies Act 1994, these institutes have several laws and regulations which must be stood by.

The Following Steps Are The Main Reason That Foreign Investors Choose Us

1. We can establish your business by lower cost/ fees.

2. We can help to register, formation your business in multiple nations as law and rules of the states.

3. We are giving assurance against your payment.

4. Our specialized flavor is different than others.

5. Bank account requirements

6.Some special services are very cost effective for the investors which helps to minimize the cost

Perfect And Worldclass Foreign Entity Formation Service

Payroll Bangladesh Provides A Seamless Transition To The Next Level In Expansion

Payrollbangladesh is committed to helping its clients grow and succeed in new markets globally. Our Business Registration and Entity Formation Service facilitates the complete set-up of local entities worldwide. Our expert professional ensures a smooth transition by guiding and supporting the procedure and creating a seamless shift from our partner to a recognized entity.

Foreign entity setup can be a challenging and long process, with complications For example:

1. The country you want to incorporate in

2. The nature of company you are trying to form

3. Bank account requirements

4. Tax registrations

Our firm simplifies this process by providing world-class global entity services. We can ensure both the company and its employees are reinforced throughout the procedure.

Followings are the mode and types of entity/business formation/incorporation in Bangladesh We guide foreign investors to do business in Bangladesh.

1. Registering a private limited company as foreigner

2. Registration of branch office

registration of project office

3. Franchise agreement

Most of the Companies often struggle with the complications of satisfying local requirements and cutting through layers of bureaucracy. Payrollbangladesh eliminates these burdens by replacing them with a Customized Registration and Formation Service for their customers, alongside global entity services that works with the organization’s unique requirements and broader business goals.

Our team of specialists utilize their wealth of experience and intelligence tools to enable firms to easily transition from working with our professional experts to forming an established entity, supporting them every step of the way. A dedicated Customer Success Manager is on hand to guide you through the process from beginning to end, ensuring that the incorporation and registration of your business are smooth and compliant. As a customer, you will have access to subject matter experts with a depth of involvement in entity setup and management.

We will give you thorough knowledge about the procedure of incorporate/register an entity/business in Bangladesh. Moreover, we will give due to adherence in regards to the several modes or structures by which an investor can incorporate an entity in Bangladesh. The particular mode of entity incorporate in Bangladesh depends on the need of the customers and the type of corporate the consumer is engaged in.

Payroll Bangladesh is one of the topmost service providers in Bangladesh with regards to incorporation with RJSC (Company House). It is also with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority. .

Your process begins with an initial discovery of a consultation. We will get 100% loyalty from us and we will define your business requirements and any preferences to help shape your future entity.

Moreover, Partnering with Payroll Bangladesh for your entity formation guarantees compliance in a jurisdiction while giving your business the freedom to focus on its larger business objectives and strategies.

Bangladesh’s directness to foreign investment, competitive labor costs, and rapid economic growth are swiftly turning it into one of the most promising markets in the world. Statistics by the Bangladesh Bank (BB) demonstrate that the country expected $961 million in the fiscal year 2008-09, though FDI inflow increased to $2.54 billion in FY16-17.

We assist how to start a business in foreign country and following services are provided:

1. Foreign Company Formation


3. Business Incorporation (Private & Public company)

4.Foreign Company Formation

5. 100 % foreign share

6. Joint Venture (merger, accusation

7. Branch or Liaison office open

8.Offshore company open.

9. Guide to apply of export, import license, factory permission, business license in any country

10.Income Tax and business advisory.

11. Registration

12.Prepare accounts and audit (Audit- B/S, P/L, and Income Statement).

13. Company secretarial and virtual office service.

We Are Considering A Very Welcoming Attitude To You For Grow The Process Of Your Foreign Entity Setup

As a matter of facts foreign investment can be seen in most sectors and providing favorable conditions for doing business operations. Some of the incentives Bangladesh is presenting to foreign investors are:

1. Tax holidays and exemptions

2. Simplified import of raw materials and machinery

3. Facilitation of utility connections

The Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) is also taking preparation to create 100 economic zones all over Bangladesh in the next 15 years.

According to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts’ foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh is expected to reach 2500.00 USD Million by the end of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions For Foreign Entity Set Up

1Do Foreign Entity Trusts Have To Qualify For Register With Payrollbangladesh?
Yes. The secretary of country must register a trust set up by foreign business.
2What are the different options that a foreign investor select to set up a business in Bangladesh?
A foreign investor may open a branch office, liaison office or incorporate a company in Bangladesh.
3Who Can Register A Name? Is It necessary For Business?
The entity that files a name registration can be an organization organized under Payrollbangladesh's Business Organizations Code, or it may be a foreign filing entity that does not hold a license or authorization to conduct business in Payrollbangladesh. It is required that a name registration be distinguished in the country's records from any existing name registration, foreign name registration, name reservation, or other name registration.
4Is there any specific sector where foreign investment is regulated?
Yes, private investment, local as well as foreign, is restricted in four sectors on strategic grounds and it was mentioned in the Industrial Policy 2010. Those four sectors are: • Arms and ammunition and other military equipment and machinery • Nuclear power • Security printing and minting • Forestation and mechanized extraction within the boundary of kept forest
5Do I Need To File A Name Registration Or An Application For Registration?
There are many factors that affect it. Payrollbangladesh is not an authority to conduct business with an entity that files a name registration. Name registration prevents another entity from using a legal or fictitious name in the secretary of country's files that is not distinguishable from the registered name. It is possible to renew a name registration after a year.