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We are Providing assistance to enterprises in need of low-skilled labor in the workplace. We Support  payroll Services provides high-quality contract workforce services to local and international companies. Our performance is built on a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements. We take the time to understand not only the relevant skills and experience but also the type of person who will fit in with your business.

We will only hire people who have the necessary expertise and experience for the required roles. We are able to develop customized strategies to fulfill our clients’ business goals by collaborating with them.

We have the skills and experience to adapt quickly and effectively to any requirement or deadline, and we can provide contract, temporary, permanent, or fixed-term recruitment solutions for projects in a variety of industries.

  • Temporary to Permanent placements

  • Permanent placements


Save your 30% time & free your teams from repetitive administrative tasks with Payroll Bangladesh Contract Management Service.

Warehouse Workers
Admin / Office Work
General Labour
Cleaning Staff
Machine Operators
Construction Workers
Retail Staff
Waste Handling

Integrating Temporary Contract labor in your Team

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Tracking and Supervising Right Workforce to Increase Your Productivity 

When you need the right people, you can count on them.
There are a variety of reasons why you would want to hire contract labor or temporary employees for your business. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a busy time or need assistance with a particular project. Perhaps you aren’t tall enough. Maybe you’re short-staffed due to staff holidays or long-term sickness.

Our contract labor can be hired for as little or as long as you require.

To make our operation even more effective for you, Payroll handles all contract labor and workforce management.

Contractual employees and temporary staff can be an excellent addition to the permanent workforce.

Get 3 key advantages of labor recruitment’s

  1. Reliability-Contractors are more adaptable than permanent employees, and they may be recruited for a particular project or time span.

  2. Cost-cutting – using a contract workforce will help you handle and cut costs by7 time and labor management.

  3. Speed – Payroll Bangladesh has the ability to include temporary staff on short notice.

Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition Act registration and license Contract laborers are paid a minimum wage.
Payment of minimum wage, bonuses, quit wages, and other benefits on time.
Maintaining documents, registers, forms, and notices in accordance with different laws.
Contributions to ESI, EPF, and LWF for contract employees are remitted.
Accident-related compliance with contract work under the BOCW Act and the ISMA Act

Contract laborers are absorbed.
Payment of donation arrears plus interest
a monetary penalty and/or incarceration
The employer or the board of directors can be prosecuted.

Both stakeholders benefit from our Contract Labour Compliance Services: the principal employer, contract workers, and contractor. We were among the first to bring blue-collar employees into organizations.

Our efforts to ensure minimum wages, prompt remittance of ESI, EPF, and LWF payments, and health-care access have improved their quality of life and impacted their families..

FAQ for Contract Workforce Management

Can a compensated intern be hired as an independent contractor?

Generally, no. An intern indicates someone who is junior in experience and thus involves supervision, guidance and training to perform their work. This requirement eliminates them from consideration as an independent contractor.

How should overseas contractors be paid?

Most independent contractors are paid through accounts payable, with the contractor sending an invoice directly to the corporation. It is the contractor’s accountability to report all revenue and manage their own

Should contractors be provided paid time off for holiday and sickness?

Usually, no. Providing welfares such as paid time off is considered part of the employer-staff relationship. If contractors are offered profits, they would likely be considered employees, and therefore misclassified. However, in Bangladesh and under certain circumstances, you may have an obligation to provide some benefits. It’s best to consult with Payroll Bangladesh be guaranteed your contractor is compliant.

How long can an overseas contractor be engaged for?

Independent contractors should be engaged for exact projects and for a short term. Detailed rules vary by country, Payroll Bangladesh assure to get legal guidance.

How is intellectual property protected when a contractor is engaged?

Payroll Bangladesh protect your intellectual property is through a clearly worded clause in a contract that declares any intellectual property developed belongs to your corporation.

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