1. General Trade License

General Trade License is applicable for most business types that does not include commercial and manufacturing businesses.

2. Commercial Trade License

This is required for individual or separate business entities that are responsible for commercial services, example being retail stores.

3. Manufacturing Trade License

This is required by businesses that are involved in manufacture of goods, usually owning factories and industries.

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Trade License Apply And Renewing Assistance

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The Most Important Application Process In Bangladesh For Trade Licenses

There are different forms for Dhaka North and Dhaka South depending on the location of the business. If the business entity is located in Dhaka South Zone, then the application form should be collected from the South Zone office.

Dhaka City Corporation offers two kinds of trade license forms, depending on the type of business. Manufacturing and commercial business entities may need slightly different documentation to obtain a Trade License.

Commercial businesses must submit a K-Form, whereas manufacturing companies must submit an "I" Form. Commercial businesses must also submit a rental receipt for the premises where they are operating as well as a municipal tax payment receipt, while Manufacturing business entities do not have to submit these documents.

Manufacturing companies also need to provide NOC, fire, and environmental licenses as supporting documents, whereas commercial firms do not need to obtain such licenses. Also, the Licensing Supervisor performs verification by visiting the Manufacturing business establishment, which is not mandatory for corporate entities.

Payrollbangladesh Assists You In Applying For Trade Licenses In Bangladesh

Payrollbangladesh Associates can help you obtain a trade license in Bangladesh by providing the following services:

  • Main Process Of a License

1. Payrollbangladesh has an excellent and competent team that can efficiently obtain a Trade License. To apply for a Trade License, the legal advisors at PayrollBangladesh can assist the clients through consultations and meetings and ask them to provide the necessary documents - NID, Incorporation certificate, photographs, MOA/AOA, etc. Documents are collected for application depending on the type of company or establishment.

2. PayrollBangladesh legal team can assist its clients by submitting a trade license application to the appropriate office along with the correct supporting documents since the process for obtaining trade licenses for commercial and manufacturing businesses may differ.

3. Payrollbangladesh has legal experts who will prepare, collect, and draft the documents necessary for obtaining a Trade License. Documents are then shared with clients for execution. Payrollbangladesh receives the executed documents from the clients, along with the other required documents.

4. The application is then submitted to Payrollbangladesh along with supporting documentation. Additionally, Payrollbangladesh pays Government fees to the concerned authority and works with them to obtain the certified copy of the Trade License.

5. The legal experts at PayrollBangladesh have a good working relationship with government offices, such as BIDA and RJSC, which makes it easier to obtain any certificate.

6. Payrollbangladesh also offers services pertaining to the renewal of Licenses if they expire at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions For Trade License

1Who Is Able To Issue A Trade License?
Licenses are issued by the licensing department of the municipal corporation in various departments, such as industries, engineering, health, etc. The license is issued by the government of Bangladesh in a way to regulate in cities across the country. Permission is granted by way of letters or documents/certificates to carry on any business or trade where it is located.
2Why Need To Get A Tade License?
It is mandatory to get a license for your business, or you may be penalized. Other than that, it provides an authenticity to your business, which may help boost your brand image.
3Am I Eligible For A Trade License?
To be eligible for a trade license, the business owner must be over 18 years of age, must not have any criminal records, and must be legally permitted.
4When To Renew My Trade License?
Trade licenses must be renewed every year, after the 30th of June
5The Different Types of Trade Licenses.
1. Licenses for small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing businesses 2. Business licenses dangerous and offensive businesses such as firewood sales, cracker manufacturers, candle makers, barbers, dhobi shops, etc. 3. License for food establishments such as restaurants, hotels, stalls, canteens, bakeries, etc.
6How To Become Eligible For A Trade License?
1. The applicant must be at least 18 years old 2. There must be no criminal records on the applicant 3. Business activities must be legal.