Asset Tagging, Movement Tracking, Verification, and Surveillance of Inventory, Reconciliation, Auditing

Our Fixed Asset Management Service traces all assets in every market area with proper depreciation, assuring the vitality of your business and offering to forecast the sustainability statement so that you can make well-read choices.

fixed asset management

1. Audit Support

Reports with summarized data on fixed asset management and verify if taken entries and records are accurate and in compliance.
Fixed Capital Asset Management Services and Solutions in Bangladesh

2. Tax Count

Ensuring business profitability by financing as little as possible for investments in properties, facilities and services, plant equipment accordingly.
Fixed Capital Asset Management Services and Solutions in Bangladesh

3. Vital Tools

Our asset management tools increases the performance of idle equipment and increasing its performance will help you save money on new equipment purchases.
Fixed Capital Asset Management Services and Solutions in Bangladesh

4. Calculating Profits Accurately

Fixed asset management ensures that gains and losses are measured correctly. As a result, selling fixed assets or buying assets can be easily assessed.

fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

5. Effortlessly Integrated

This asset management system, when used in conjunction with other modules, ensures consistency while minimizing redundant data entry.

fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

6. Detailed Resource Record

Our system manages asset depreciation with Convenient depreciation methods which makes recalculating, adding additional depreciation, back depreciation easy.
fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

7. Profitable Resource Solutions

The application records all asset status, availability, release, and reassigning status which ensures a clear record to manage company resources and also provide the consultation about how to manage those resources.

fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

8. Records for Asset Distributed

Our asset management history displays a full overview of the asset’s previous records, including the asset’s opening value, closing value, period, and depreciation value, among all the other things.

fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

9. Analysis Asset Cost

The amount of an asset at the current moment after depreciation is determined by asset management. Our system will display the most recent overall cost of an asset.
fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

10. Assets Report

We supervised detailed reports of a company’s properties or goods, including serial numbers, product types, status, and categories. Each product’s specifics ensure inventory levels.
fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

11. Asset Allocation Status

The payroll services for asset allocation will save your administration from many unwanted burden which help them to manage the activities from your company rather then focusing on the asset management plan. And that’s why we payroll management help you to organize your assets. The dynamic asset allocation is the most popular type of investment strategy.

fixed asset management services in Bangladesh

12. Tracking of Asset Movement

We link the information you provide on ASSURE to your ERP so you may get real-time information anytime you need it. On a regular basis, we use a mobile app and portable devices to accurately audit the asset. To ensure that the information presented on your ERP is valid, the data will be uploaded at predetermined intervals. On-demand, we make data available to SPOC.

1. Asset Registration and Acquisition

Reporting of asset acquisition and disposal, records the final disposal date and individual, transaction, and any gains or losses.

We keep a record of gains, losses and declines, broadly level to observe and maintain asset management, marketing team to plan additional acquisitions and projected capital financing, and much more.

Asset Management Services
fixed asset management

2. Asset Classification

We provide systematic segregation of the assets into various groups, based on the nature of the asset management, by the purpose of the accounting laws so as to make proper accounting supporting each group.

The groups are then consolidated and combined at the financial statement level for the purpose of summarizing. Some of them are, current, non-current, physical, intangible, operating, and non-operating.

3. Asset Report Evaluation

Our Asset Management reports can be grouped by Product expense, Class, Provider, Branch, and Department in payroll Bangladesh.

It is difficult to evaluate your asset details what you need, especially when you have short resources o if you do not want to waste your workforce. Our payroll management team will help to evaluate your assets according to their category.

Asset Management
Asset Management

4. Payroll Asset Management

We supervise what payroll Properties Assets may be delegated to workers.

Our fixed asset management team will identify the valuable property for your team and categorize them, which is a part of the accounting service.

We acknowledge you with the details of the requirements. Such as; for which documents you will get insurance or for which property the government will be responsible to pay or to take necessary steps for you.

5. Calculation of Depreciation

Asset Tracking System makes it easy to generate the depreciation of an asset item, where we estimate depreciation based on financial data for current asset management at the beginning of the era.

Our expert team’s projection and accurate forecast cover any purchases you make in the current cycle, such as acquisitions, transfers, and reclassification.


FAQs For Fixed Asset Management Services

Why do we need an asset management system?

PayrollBangladesh helps you with the finest services of fixed asset management, a fully united development, organization, and property administration company focused on directing the changing housing needs of individuals and industries. Devising and controlling the acquisition, operation, keeping, renewal, and transfer of organizational assets. This process improves the delivery potential of assets and minimizes the costs and risks involved.

How beneficial is the Asset tracking management system?

We help you stay organized with fixed asset management, up to date, and informed. Planning for future changes, compliance, laws, and tax facilities along with the industry changes, and potential risk, helps you track your assets, maintenance, growth, potential, and much more.

Why fixed asset management is important?

Our asset management system observes and maintains things of value within a business. If you adopt our asset management service plan, you can develop, operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose of your assets cost-effectively. Track, manage and summarize on your company material from wherever you are with the cloud-based method.

What about Fixed Asset Policy?

Payroll Bangladesh’s fixed asset management strategy or capitalization strategy implies a bunch of rules followed by the organization/firm while gaining, overseeing, and discarding the Fixed Assets.

How do your companies manage Fixed Asset?

Our fixed asset management services – allows a firm to account for all of its assets, helps guarantee the correctness of amortization rates, helps identify and manage risks, with a diplomatic asset management plan, the firm’s owners will be conscious of the assets that have been lost and will discharge them in the books, helps you generate a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

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