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EOR (Employee of Record) Service In Bangladesh

Do you want to hire your dream Virtual team without all the hassle? EOR (Employee of Record) service of Payroll Bangladesh can do all the work for you! We will assist you to meet your global growth objectives while minimizing legal complications. Our EOR service is an effective and efficient result to the outsourcing needs of your business. As a customer, you can save time and resources that you can redirect to more significant functions.

We will assist you in locating any other services that your team or company may require. You may rest assured that you will receive exceptional quality and service while saving more than 60% on the original price

Our dedicated team of Payroll Bangladesh professionals will help you to choose the best setup for your remote staff.

Payroll BD is dedicated to assisting your company and team in achieving their objectives and staying ahead of the competition. As a result, if your company or remote team requires new skills, motivation, coaching, or training, we will ensure that you receive the finest.

Your remote team and corporation should be focusing on continuous improvement.

Many organizations have sought expert assistance from Payroll Bangladesh as we specialize in providing international remote staffing services due to the complicated employment legislation and legal issues. We have a one-stop solution that offers a comprehensive variety of services, including talent management, interview scheduling, employee onboarding, payroll, employment benefits, compliance and taxation, and more.

We understand that each organization and team are distinct, thus our candidates are hand-selected to complement your team's abilities, experience, and personality traits. Our goal is to understand all of the details of your employees' core capabilities so that we can provide you with the greatest custom-made solution for your business. Payroll Bangladesh provides you with the best team of remote employees you could ever ask for!

Our team, while small, has extensive experience managing all manners of immigration issues. They will personally provide consultation and support on your individual issues so you may have a hassle-free experience.

We hold multiple qualifications for providing you with the best possible service. We maintain highest of standards in providing your assistance to set up your work visa as effortlessly as possible.

We help your employer and you in listing and acquire all necessary documents required for the entire process of getting you a Work Permit in Bangladesh

Our team can help you fast track your E-Visa application, making sure you are applying for the correct visa type and meet all necessary requirements.

Our expert recruiters or professional headhunters will arrange a customized recruitment campaign to source the talent you require. We are using most innovative tech tools and recruiting methodologies

We run a continuous process of quality checking which includes during onboarding requirements and regularly after to guarantee things are working out. If necessary we will replace the applicant at no cost as part of our guarantee to you.

Our experts will assist new expats in settling in. We assist them in such situations by providing utilities, lodging, language, personal tax, and other services. It's essential to stay in touch with employees even after they've settled into their new surroundings. Our HR department keeps in touch with them on a regular basis

Foreign nationals must apply for a Visa to enter Bangladesh. The VISA type could be tourist, research, investor, government delegate, etc. This type is dependent on the type of work you are entering the country to apply for

EOR Reduced Employee Accountability

We are responsible for taking care of the welfare of the staffs. Our EOR carries out various tasks directed by the government and health maintenance organizations. Our policy include processing the payroll and insurance coverage. Our EOR solution removes bureaucratic pressure by leveraging our infrastructure, proprietary HR tech, network of experts, and local support. Employer of Record provides everything you need for international hiring, including the infrastructure to compliantly hire in many countries. Over half of EOR clients value the solution's ability to navigate legal compliance, while nearly a third use the solution to streamline the hiring process in another country. If you want employee accountability service, please get in touch with us.

Negotiating Our 4 Effectible Services In Bangladesh With EOR

No Hidden Fees

We provide transparent payroll service and a very competitive rate to our clients

Network of Experts

Our professional team has expertise in labour laws and make sure you are compliant

One Place for It All

Produce and sign contracts and pay all your team members from your dashboard..

Flexible Team Building

Employ or hire staffs with Deal as your EOR, or bring on independent contractors. .

New & Renew Trade License Support Service

Payroll has an expert team with extensive experience in dealing with trade license renewals. Through our consultations, we can help you identify and collect all the necessary documents, such as MOA/AOA, incorporation certificates, memorandums and articles of associations, etc. that may be required for your business type.

Our legal experts collect all the necessary documents, then complete the application by submitting it. They make all necessary payments for any fees involved with the respective authority and keep continuous contact with them and you, our client, keeping updated on the process.

Time And Indirect Cost Savings

Partnering with an EOR service of ours will our clients to have more time on their hands. Since they would not have to deal with HR and payroll matters anymore. Therefore they can save hours. Furthermore, the EOR will assist you save costs since you will pay them a set rate for every hour the member of staff works.We handle your international HR, payroll, local tax and compliance, benefits administration, visa and mobility needs with just three simple words. With an Employer of Record, you can dedicate your focus to growing your business. So don't be too late. Get in touch with PayrollBangla today.

Local Incorporation

If you don't want to hire a third party, you'll have to incorporate and register locally. These procedures are costly and time-consuming since they require the assistance of experienced accountants and lawyers. As a result, using an EOR ensures compliance while avoiding the headaches of forming a company locally.

Get Our 4 Expansion Solutions Through The EOR Entity Set-up

From international PEO and Employer of Record services, to payroll, talent acquirement, global flexibility and entity set-up, our customized solutions ensure that your expansion needs are taken care of with the assistance of a single partner

1. Foreign Entity Setup

Customized Registration and Formation Service

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Foreign Company Formation

Our team of specialists utilize their wealth of experience and intelligence tools to enable firms to easily transition from working with our professional experts to forming an established entity, supporting them every step of the way.

Branch Office Set Up

We provide New Branch Office Setup Services in Bangladesh with extensive industrial skills and understanding in this field. These services are in high demand among our clients due to their prompt execution and they are provided by of our most diligent executives.

2. Branch Office

low rates and ability to meet all of our clients' needs

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3. Company Registration

Increased capital contribution and stability

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Registration Process

We offer hassle-free registration processing, timely updates, and the assurance that we'll be there for you every step of the way. Moreover We provide customers with the greatest all-in company formation service at the lowest cost .

Representative Office

We provide outstanding service to our clients in setting up representative office from beginning to end with a team of professional expert who have years of experience in this field. They will advise you on what you need to run your business in the Bangladesh

4. Setting-up Office

Assist our customers in every step of setting up a Representative office.

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Why We Are Different To Ensure Successful EOR Services?

1. Utilize Local Expertise: Our own global expansion has given us firsthand experience with the obstacles of hiring people from other countries, and we've backed it up with a market-leading network of local specialists in sectors like accounting, legal, and compliance.

2. Save Time: Quickly deploying your team into the country can aid in the start-up of your international project. An Employer of Record solution speeds up onboarding by avoiding the red tape and lengthy timeframes associated with entity segregation.

3. Spend Less: The financial viability of an overseas enterprise is determined by its profitability; adopting an Employer of Record service reduces costs associated with business formation, payroll and taxation, foreign exchange, and immigration.

4. Ensure Compliance: Employment and tax rules are complicated and differ by country; noncompliance can result in severe penalties. To guarantee that your overseas employees are working legally in-country.

FAQs for EOR Services

1Where Can We Find A Worker In A Country Where My Company Has No Presence Or Establishment?
The foreign workers we can recruit for our clients can be found in more than 100 countries. In countries where your company does not have a business entity, you can still legally employ local workers. Our clients do not need to form a local entity.
2What Benefits Do We Have To Provide For The Worker?
Each country has its own laws regarding benefit provisions. Employers of record are in charge of ensuring all statutory benefits are provided to workers. Aside from that, we can provide clients with insight into the customs in different countries, and we can refer them to professionals who can arrange supplemental benefits. In our experience, workers feel unaffected by an alternative arrangement, which results in higher worker retention.
3What Is The Best Way To Pay My Foreign Worker Compliantly?
Easy and fast! The employer of record service we provide allows us to manage payroll compliance and ensure that the worker, the social security office, and the local tax authorities are paid correctly and on time. Basically, all you need to do is agree on what the worker will be paid, have them sign the approved in-country worker contract, and adhere to the agreed upon payroll schedule.
4Do I Need To Provide The Employee With A Written Employment Contract?
According to the reason you intend to hire the employee, you will offer them a specific type of contract. Depending on the laws in each country, we can offer our clients a variety of contract types, from short-term project-based to indefinite long-term. Every client is unique, so we work with them to understand their needs and find the right solution for them.
5Why Does The Termination Of An Employee Need To Be Compliant?
It can be difficult to terminate an employment relationship. Outside the Bangladesh, there are few countries that allow employment at will. In most cases, there will be great justification required, and there might not even be a compliant method for terminating an employee at that point. We collaborate with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes efficiently. We will examine your situation and reasoning and advise you on the best course of action based on what is legally permissible.

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