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A virtual office is a facility that allows workers and company owners to operate from anywhere using the internet and access a variety of business functions. It also allows businesses to establish and retain a presence in a desirable location without having to pay rent for a physical location. A virtual office has many of the advantages of a physical office without the need for physical space or desks.

We will manage the virtual office for your remote employees, also provide you the software and features by which you can connect with them all time, and we look after the needs of your virtual employees.

Virtual Services

4 Classified Virtual Feature For Your Office Hold Now!

We can include these services in your virtual office
Conference Rooms

1.Conference Rooms

Even if you don’t have access to a “full-time” desk, you can still hold meetings in these    locations. Payroll Bangladesh will help you to enhance your conferences with our expert.

Call answering and Voicemail

2.Call answering & Voicemail
this actually handle your incoming calls, and it ensures you don’t have to give out your personal phone number; instead, use a real landline number, which gives professional appearance!


This is useful if you’re planning meetings in and around your virtual office because it makes it feel less virtual to your clients and business associates if you have an online secretarial service.


Secure your staff’s name address, phone number even though they are not working in a physical office will be our responsibility. Moreover, protect data of your virtual office will be our responsibility.

How Setting up a virtual office is worth while?

The Benefits of Using A Virtual Workplace In general, if you’re a entrepreneur who works from home (for example, a freelancer) and doesn’t anticipate ever having to grow into a public-facing location, a virtual office is probably worth it.Address for a Professional Business
A virtual office’s primary aim is to provide you with a professional business address that you can use on anything from business cards and letterheads to your website and promotional materials. And we ensure, you will get all of these benefits.
Increase communication

1.Increase communication

Choosing a business communication system is an essential part of shifting to a virtual workplace. If your system has a Payroll Bangladesh virtual office functionality, your customers can call one number and be linked to the appropriate employee for their needs. This message can be easily personalized.

Spend less on technology

 2.Spend less on technology

Employees who operate remotely can use whatever equipment they choose, and they’re in charge of updating it when it’s convenient for them. Although not providing company-provided technology poses certain cyber security threats, these can be mitigated with the use of a password manager, tracking, and training.

Employee virtual involvement

3.Employee virtual involvement

Payroll virtual office services allow you to communicate with your employees via chat, voice, or video calls at any time of day. By using payroll software, you can see which files each employee accessed at what time and how long they worked on each document by looking at the file systems.

FAQs For Virtual Office Services

Who typically uses a virtual office?

Virtual workplaces give advantages to pretty much any business proficient. Regardless of whether you are a new company hoping to limit expenses, an administration official searching for a presence with help benefits outside of Capital Hill, or a more settled substance hoping to extend your business in the Bangladesh market, a virtual office could be the best answer for you.

Are your virtual office services like a call center or do you provide a professional receptionist?

Your calls will be replied by an expert, neighborhood secretary who will find out about your business and will adhere to your call taking care of guidelines.

Can I upgrade from a virtual office to a serviced office?

Yes, you can move up to another virtual office bundle or adjusted office whenever all through your picked term.

As a virtual office client of PayrollBD, do I have access to office space?

Yes. As a virtual office customer of payrollBD, you can appreciate as long as 40 hours of day office, gathering room, and meeting utilization each month. A virtual office with payrollBD is the ideal answer for when you need admittance to a private office once in a while, however not every day. Anytime, in the event that you establish that you’d like a more long-lasting arrangement, you can redesign from a virtual office bundle to a full-time office bundle and keep your virtual office phone number and place of work.

How much does a virtual office service cost?

An essential Address Package with payrollBD begins at just $50 every month and furnishes your business with an expert work locale, mail and bundle receipt, utilization of our score space, day in and day out admittance to meeting rooms and day workplaces at favored rates, web based gathering room booking, and admittance to our quick and secure Internet association.

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