A startup registration will give you the chance to introduce your business by web within a short-period.

Register for Company Formation

To register your patent, trademark, or logo you can sign up on the startup registration. We are here to provide you the support to register your company essentials as your intellectual property. To validate your documents as a startup business or register any of your companies property will be a good opportunity to be exceptional on market.

Start-up register a private companies in Bangladesh

If you are planning to register on a startup business then we are here to help you with funding. While many people are thinking about starting a startup business they are usually searching for their privet companies an investor or account services from a government fund, and by our startup registration, payroll Bangladesh will provide you the information and advice about government funds and investors.

Tax counts

Payroll Bangladesh is very keen to provide payroll services including staff salary management, Calculating tax to handling the database accurately. Moreover, while you are settling up a new business, that time you have to maintain the tax purposes and by our payroll service, we will handle your tax for your start-up business.

Handling employees

In a start-up business employing kinds of stuff according to legal regulation might be a tough call for you. However, appoint new full-time staffs are somewhat the misusing of company’s time and resource too. So, payroll Bangladesh will provide you convenient temporary stuffing for your company’s trial period with a well-organized agreement and perfect supervision.

What are the benefits of Start-up Registration?

At a glance start-up policy will help you to get government fund, which are appoint for new comers in economical industry.

To get the start-up registration your organization has to be older then 5-6 years.

The documents or agreement will be an important asset for you.

A registered start-up business has to pay the tax accurately to show the legal authorization.

You might be having a certified copy of your proven work experiences in term of getting fund.

Getting a fund must be tough, never less not impossible, and payroll Bangladesh will help you to your start-up business.

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