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Fixed Asset Management

Human capital management

We work as outsource company to manage and source efficient human capital for your company in Bangladesh and even businesses in abroad.

We collaborate with several industry renowned recruiters in business. These professions have years on corporate knowledge on human capital management, human resource management and relevant topics in business.

Our professionals use state of the art techniques and technologies to accomplish their tasks in the professional field. They also make bespoke strategies in HR and HRM fields for client companies. Moreover, our company provide every possible outsourcing solutions relevant to workforce management, staffing and employee placement services as well as skill managements for corporations.

Our professionals use latest HRM tools to make tasks more time saving and reliable and convenient for companies. In addition with that, instead of retro process of staff handling, we follow modern HR management strategies that complies the benefits for both business owner and company employees

Payroll Bangladesh is equipped with specialized human capital management strategy and custom regulations that work in parallel with the modern recruitment, appointment and staff management process. This gives priority on employee welfare and efficient talent hunts for productive modern company functionalities.

IT Enabled Services (ITES)

We have a strong hold on Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) to offer in the corporate industry.

For ITES, we mostly provide services such as software supports, EMS, POS, automated office management, secretarial services and many more. Our IT enabled services are reliable and most importantly bespoke, that is, our IT enables services are customizable as per client company's needs.

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MIS and Data Management

Management Information System and data management solutions fall under our facility fields for clients in the industry.

Looking for a failproof Management Information System (MIS) and effective data management solutions for your company? Look no more as Payroll Bangladesh brought to you an excellent MIS process that we can integrate to your corporate system. In addition with that, we can outsource your data entries and data management process so that you can have an instant hands on of your important information without any errors in the office.

Our company maintains strict data protection law. This gives you an upper-hand when it comes of company data management and data distribution even within the business itself. We recommend our clients to maintain a authority system in the business for authorized data accessibility in the company. Regarding this we provide free consultancies and suggestions, so that you can take effective steps regarding your company data managements.

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