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PayrollBangladesh can make it possible to track data of 5000 employees and 400,000 customers and analyze their data manually in no time. It will save you valuable time and most importantly you can make the right decision on time. In this modern era, you need to grab more data faster than anyone. In the Management Information System decision-making process, information is the king. The more accurate timely information you get, the better, and we can help you with that.

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Our well-coordinated MIS system covers a large number of specialized systems. It allows you to get a well-sorted dataset of customers, employees, competitors, and many other things to make a well-planned strategy and to supervise the project.

Companies that are using our Management Information System to outperform their competitors of corporate sectors. It is widely used in different corporate sectors. So to penetrate into a new market or to survive the competition in this challenging world, any sort of company needs MIS support.

Payroll Bangladesh’s Management Information System service greatly influences the decision of E-Commerce, creating valuable data of which product category is the most successful, customer preference, how much time did it take to ship the product, how much cost is it to ship the product. It also indirectly says whether the customer service is good or not.

10 Categories of PayrollBangladesh’s Management Information System:

Our Management information systems comprise several specialized systems. 10 major types are given below:

  1. Executive Information System (EIS): Easy access to internal and external information relevant to organizational goals with graphical display and easy-to-use user interfaces.
  2. Marketing Information System(MIS): Helps to make reports on the performance of the past and current campaigns and use the lessons to plan better for future campaigns.
  3. Business Intelligence System (BIS): Easy and in-depth access to internal information. It allows making decisions based on the collection, integration, and analysis of the collected data and information.
  4. Customer Relationship Management System(CRM): Collects information about customers, sales, contact information. Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, and Business Development Teams are some examples.
  5. SalesForce Automation System (SFA): An automated specialized component of a CRM system done by a sales team such as lead tracking, contact management, order management.
  6. Transaction Processing System(TPS): Deals with business transactions involving the collection, modification, and retrieval of all transaction data.
  7. Knowledge Management System(KMS): Enables employees and customers to create, share and find relevant information quickly. Helps with answering questions and troubleshoot problems.
  8. Financial Accounting System (FAS): Specific to departments dealing with finances and accounting, such as accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).
  9. Human Resource Management System (HRMS): The employee performance record and payroll data are tracked by this system.
  10. Supply Chain Management System (SCM): SCM tracks the flow of resources, materials, and services from purchase until final products are handed over to the customers.

Types of Reports that we Provide

Payrollbangladesh has created an MIA service to store data and create reports that business professionals can use to analyze and make decisions. There are three major types of MIS reports:

Scheduled: The Reports generated by us are created on a regular basis. It allows businesses to analyze data and make decisions over time. For example, An airline can see the percentage of lost luggage by month; a retail chain can compare sales figures from different stores.

Ad-hoc: Our reports are created by a user to answer a question. Depending on their usefulness, these reports can be turned into scheduled reports.

Real-time: You can monitor the live performance every second. One of our expert managers can take the necessary decisions before it is too late.

There are some key advantages of effective use of Our MIS Service:

  1. It gives a proper overview of the entire operation.
  2. The manager will get the feedback and track their performance.
  3. Businesses can figure out which segment of their business is working and which is not. It helps to make timely decisions.
  4. Managers can find the difference between expected results and real results.

Benefits of Using Management In-formation Systems

The benefit of MIS:

Payroll Bangladesh uses Management Information System to deal with taxation, timely payment, attendance and leave management, fund management, loan management, etc.

Management Information System reduces the unproductive but harmful burden of the HR Department. Without timely payment employee satisfaction reduces to zero levels.

Payroll Bangladesh uses biometric and app-based automated attendance systems.

As Payroll Bangladesh uses Management Information System, top managers can get access to this information in one point.

Our Payroll services deal with taxation, employee recognition, attendance and leave, loan management, salary payment, fund management, etc. All employees may not be able to calculate their income tax properly. In this case, the Payroll service becomes a great help. But Payroll Bangladesh’s service eases the burden of the HR Department which improves employee satisfaction. We also service Management Information System to integrate Payroll Service with another database which allows integrated and well-coordinated decision making from the decision-makers.

FAQs For Management Information System

How do I obtain a copy of the MIS Standards?

We can help with that! The Management Information System Standards 2013 is the latest version of the MIS Standards. It will take effect on April 1, 2013. Core Plan subscribers can obtain the MIS Standards 2013 for free. To find out whether your organization has already downloaded the MIS Standards or is a Core Plan subscriber, please send an email to [email protected]

How MIS Executive Work?

Our Service Management Information System, as per MIS, an Executive Officer deals with entire retail outlet tasks and Preparation of Graphs, Progress and Program bar diagrams, Financial Reports, and dominant turntables for itemized comprehension of Financial/Progress Charts.

What will I need to do to get the MIS service of your company?

To give you the Management Information System service(s) you need, we will impart your data to your neighborhood merchant when you round out a structure on our site.

On the off chance that you concur, we might send an email occasionally with helpful data, like item news, courses and occasions, and so forth You can generally withdraw, and we promise not to impart your data to any other person outside of the organization.

Are you open on the weekend?

We are open all day open Monday through Friday. In any case, we are accessible as needs are for help at the ends of the week through our voice message framework. Our online framework is accessible day in and day out so all moment searches can be finished at end of the week.

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