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Payroll Bangladesh is leading the country with HR Time & Event management. We have a specialized team, as well as a warehouse, workshop, and transportation vehicles.

We also have a national and international partner network that allows us to organize HR Time & Events in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Importance Of Human Resources In Event Management

We Have A Range Of Event, Conference & Meeting Management Services

As an HR Time & Event expert, we deliver a few features that are unique to event and conference planning.

Most importantly, event management needs a huge portion of labor resources and planning. As a result, the host cannot take sole responsibility for event preparation and management.

Besides that, We have every service for event management in house. Which will allow us to handle all the hustle and bustle of event management for a very low cost.

1. Time Keeping

We adhere to labor laws.

  1. Maximum work hours.
  2. Overtime requirements for employees.

2. Work Allocation

This area of the work is mostly handled by Human Resources.

  1. Budget for third party does not exceed.
  2. Tasks are allocated to right employees.

3. Job Requirements

Creating detailed job requirements for permanent, contract, and volunteer employees.

  1. Advertise new job openings.
  2. Setting up interviews.

4. Conference Planning

One of the most important parts of conference planning is arranging training in key areas for different departments of the company.

  1. Managing employee efficiency while setting reasonable targets
  2. Ensuring workers have compensated appropriately and on time

Our Successful Event Management Process

1. Strategic Planning: The Human Resources department is responsible for a company’s recruitment and success. Most importantly, they make decisions about the company’s labor resources as well as any event planning.

2. Better Results: There should be an action plan for any event. For example, an initiative might be introduced to ensure that all workers are paid equally regardless of gender. Considering this, our HR Time & Event services deliver the best results for customer satisfaction.

3. Employee satisfaction: Instead of the employees being on the receiving end of things, it would be a smart idea to let them plan the event’s. Moreover, keeping track of their work hours and payment is also looked after by our HR services.

4. Health and safety: As HR professionals, we must ensure that our labor resources are in good shape. As a result, we arrange for regular health checkups with the top medical resources in the country.

HR Timing Services With Cutting-Edge Technology & Expert Team

HR Time services include timekeeping for non-exempt & exempt employees, as well as maintaining time off balances for all employees.

Employees, both exempt and non-exempt, will have access to automated tools for keeping track of their working hours. Not to mention that they will have a permanent record that does not require human involvement.

However, we will make sure employees get one-on-one meetings with HR on a regular basis. Most importantly, they will feel heard while their concerns help in company advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions For HR Time & Event

What kind of events do you organize?

Our HR Time & Event services handle both business and personal events. For example, Product launches, conferences, and company award dinners. We will show you our previous work examples if you want.

How are the fees for HR Time & Event services?

It largely depends on the event type and size. Please contact us for a detailed discussion.

How do you keep budgets on track?

We set a budget aside for unexpected events. Besides that, we don’t go to outside vendors for any service. Considering that, we keep every necessary service for HR Time & Event management in our stock.

How do you deal with a emergency situation in events?

We’ve dealt with a lot of unexpected situations before. Therefore, any emergency situation is always in consideration before making plans. We are leading the best HR Time & Event services.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

If there is any inconvenience, we will make sure you get a complete refund. If you have any concerns about our HR Time & Event services, please contact our team.

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