Payroll Bangladesh is providing their customers the best security to protect their data. Either the data is about integrity, analyzing, about companies staff or clients details, regarding the policy concerns or other agreement data we provide the full-coverage security to protect your data.


Security pass

For a company, the data are one of the most important elements and protecting the data of that company is the moral value of its user.

To maintain the security of the company’s information provide the password, biometric coverage or token will be a part of data security.

Managing access

Not all data are accessible for all employees or staffs. Payroll Bangladesh will also manage the authority access process by protecting your data sites from unauthorized outsider.

Data hiding

Hiding the exact meaningful data from another employees who are not authorized to access any particular page of the office or hiding strategically the access by numeric number or code will be accomplish on the data security services of Payroll.

Restoring data

We know how valuable a data might be for your organization, but what if you lose that data, payroll Bangladesh is providing you the support to keep the backup of your data and restore the data which are important to you.

Clear the data

There might be data which are for temporary reasons. So, our data security service will clean the unnecessary data for you by keeping the track record , by which your new data have space to kept and won’t overleapt.

Harmful Data

some data which you collect from outside, sometimes carry the virus or unwanted hazard or bring extra data. We will find out those integrated data and keep clean your database system.

Our two step process

We mainly validate our data security services through managing the data and transferring it in a processed way. Not all data can be managed in a convenient way, and payroll Bangladesh not only managed all the data for you also process the information in a utilizing way by the two methodologies of data security integration.

What is a data security tool?

Our popularity level in data security

  • Data Accsess security78%
  • Enscrypoting Data95%
  • Data Erase and validation40%

Data security policy

Data security is all about protecting the data and prevents it from being destroyed. Besides protecting the data, there are also few policies regarding the data security policy. In the terms of data security terms, there are two kinds of policies requires.

1. Personal data source.

2. Public data source.

A company can hide its personal data by concerting the staff and the company’s intellectual data. Though they have the right to protect their data from their competitors and to maintain the company’s privacy.

The public data not only display the companies data requirements but also provides perhaps the company’s market value and reputation. Also, by hiding the public data the company is creating the suspect about their work legalizations.

So, a company cannot hide all of their information about it from the web. Although there are also subsequences, which refer to (PII) Personally identifiable information, that a company perhaps hides its staff’s details, but not able to hide all data about the technology they are using and the services. Which require they are using valid and legal technologies and services or not. Payroll Bangladesh is maintaining your data security by requiring all of these integrated policies.


1How to manage access to the payroll system?
We restrict to necessary team only. Use timeout features to log staffs out of the system after a period of inactivity.
2How we separate duties within the payroll team
At least two people have to manage the payroll process. This can support to avoid conflict of interest and minimize fraud risk.
3How do you use peer review and/or approval process?
It benefits to validate data input and changes. Only make actual payments with appropriate authorization
4How do you solve discrepancies in System?
To run and review payroll control reports, for example system access, new hires, leavers, new bank accounts, etc. this helps to identify potential issues and reveal any discrepancies early, such as errors in inputting hours, rates of pay and other data, and or fraud
5How do we manage if your assigned representative leave you?
If a single person of our team runs payroll in your business, we always have a back-up plan in case that person becomes unavailable. For example, our business' accountants could provide emergency cover.

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