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  • Employment Creation VS Job Satisfaction
    Targeted programmes are another kind of interventions that can have a salutary impact on poverty amelioration. In order to enhanceemployment creation activities, Bangladesh should launch targeted […]
  • Monthly Payroll Processing & HR Insights
    The term “Wages” means all economic benefits including salary, any bonus, remuneration for overtime work, holiday or leave, termination of employment, or other additional remuneration payable […]
  • Staff Overtime Compensation in Bangladesh
    Under section 100 of the Labour Act, the daily maximum number of hours an adult worker may be required to work is eight, with an additional […]
  • Foreign Company Incorporation in Bangladesh
    Services Include: -Company incorporation certificates, form XII, MoA, AoA -Trade License –Income Tax certificate -VAT license -Bank account opening -Membership from chamber of commerce -Export/ Import license -Work […]
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