Our Financial Accounts Payable Services Process

01. Receipt of Invoice- We will obtain your printed copy and digital invoices during the first step of Invoice Receipt.

02. Data and Image Capture- All of your records will be saved as images, and all invoice photos will be accessible.

03. Procedure and Routing- The invoice records are processed and routed to the appropriate customer executives for permission and final resolution during the Process as well as Route stage.

04. Disbursement and Archiving- The invoices that have been approved will be posted to the customer's AP system for payment via standard interfaces on all financial reporting platforms. After that, the invoices would be filed in General Ledger as "normal." Because Flatworld also handles payments, the paper records will be kept at our facility, while the digital images will be accessible online.

Our Accounts Payable Department Tasks

As previously stated, an organization's accounts payable process must be very organized and systematic. Processing invoices issued by vendors and suppliers to the company, known as vendor invoices or inbound invoices, is one of the most essential activities of accounts payable workflow.

Financial Accounts Payable Services that aid in the accurate and efficient management of a company's end-to-end account payables. The accounts payable department's primary responsibilities also include:

1. Upkeep of vendor master records.

2. Verification of vendor invoices and account assignment.

3. Invoices from vendors must be entered.

4. Management of outstanding items.

5. Making payments and settling accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Accounts Payable Services

1How are Accounts Payable handled?
The accounts payable process consists of four steps: acknowledging the invoice, approving the invoice, authorizing payment, and finally, payment execution. While it may appear simple and straightforward, when the suppliers and transactions is large, you may encounter difficulties in handling accounts payable on period.
2Why should accounts payable be automated?
There are several advantages to automating your accounts payable. One major reason is to concentrate on core business activities while adhering to audit regulations. Accounts payable tasks will become more complex as your company grows, which could be a burden.However, by automating your accounts payable, you will get more time to focus about what is truly important, while also having unity of mind when thinking to suppliers.
3Is accounts payable a credit or a debit?
Accounts payable transactions are debit transactions. This is due to the fact that when users pay off of an outstanding amount, the amount owed decreases.
4Why Need accounts payable services?
The accounts payable agency is in charge of accurately tracking what is owed to suppliers, as well as making sure payments are correctly approved and processed. Accurate accounts payable information is critical for getting an effective balance sheet.

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