Flexible Onsite Computer Services In Bangladesh

Onsite Computer Services are committed to assisting nearby companies and citizens with their technological requirements.We value each of our customers, hence why we provide the most customized service possible.

Onsite Computer Services From Us

We are providing many types of onsite computer services in Bangladesh. Here are some of our core services:

Technical Assistance

Our trained staff is always available to assist and offer prompt service.

Cloud Services

We provide a wide range of cloud services, including transfer, support, and consulting for Office 365.

Repair Service

We provide repair services for laptops, servers, and computers of all major brands.

Cloud Service

Put in place efficient cybersecurity measures to defend yourself against online threats.

Computer Sales

We constantly have laptops, PCs, and related accessories in stock at our store.

Networking Support

For all of your computer setups, we offer hardware & wireless design, fixing, and support services.

Controlled Services

We can control your monthly support costs and actively manage your full IT system.


VOIP Solutions

Our flexible cloud and on-premises solutions reduce costs for our esteemed clients and companies

We're Dedicated To Provide Onsite Computer Services


Why You Choose Our Onsite Computer Services

Dependable Tech Support for Your Business's Every Aspect

PayrollBD understands that business needs cannot wait, thus we come to the office or retail location to resolve any technical concerns you may be experiencing. Our IT professionals offer quick, dependable, and reasonably priced onsite computer services that deliver outcomes that will improve the functionality and performance of your company. We can help you with everything from network troubleshooting to printer repair to Windows 10 computer system updates.

1. Professional Computer and Tech Support

We provide professional computer and tech support to the individual and organization

2. IT Support for Homes and Businesses

We can handle all kinds of IT Support for homes and businesses in a long term and short term contract


1What Will the Cost of Service Be?
This is typically the first query we receive, frequently following a fairly detailed description of the issue or demand. Sadly, unless we have a chance to explore firsthand, there is generally no simple solution. This is true because we frequently have no idea what system components, if any, we might need, how serious the software issue might be, or how long the potential fix might take. It often happens that a client's account of a situation in a panic is not entirely true, and occasionally that is not even near to being an adequate depiction of what occurred.
2How quickly can we finish the job?
If we are familiar with you or your business, we can typically resolve your issue the same day that you contact us. Otherwise, we try our best to cooperate with you in a time period that is agreeable to both of us. If you are a possible new customer looking for our guidance or assistance with redesigning current systems or developing new ones, our time frame will depend on the difficulty of the current situation and is negotiable based on your needs and budget.
3Do you have 24/7 customer support?
yes, we have 24/7 customer support.
4How Much Training Do Our Techs Have?
No one we dispatch for technical support calls has less than 10 years' worth of hands-on expertise working with the kinds of environments and machinery we sell, service, design, install, and manufacture. We will direct you to someone who is familiar with your system or problem if we are unable to handle it ourselves.

Let's Hire Our Experts

Our onsite computer services experts are eagerly waiting to serve you.We can examine your hardware, software, and infrastructure and offer your company a complete solution to make sense to you.