You Can Benefited By Taking Our Accounts Receivable Services

PayrollBD has been offering low-cost augmented reality services to global clients. Our accounts receivable services, which include Accounts Receivable services for small companies, are extensive yet completely flexible, allowing customers to select from a variety of services. Our cloud-based technology contributes to the creation of a centrally controlled archive of all AR-related data. It is intended to work in tandem with a variety of enterprise systems. Our Services Include:

1. Real Estate Services

We offer a full suite of augmented reality services to the real estate industry. These are tenant AR management, month-end accounting report & real estate accounts receivable services.

2. Factoring Services

We are among top suppliers of AR taking account services to a various global clientele. We offer invoice factoring, receivable factoring, AR funding, invoice data capture, and AR loan processing.

3. Report Creation

With our AR aging report creation services, we can help you improve your cash flow and boost your return on investment. You could run your own business efficiently and reliably with our help.

4. Other Services

Ledgers Creating and delivering periodic reports, Implementing customer-approved process changes, Services for managing AR deductions, Preparation of billing, Record for revenue.

How Our Accounts Receivable Services Help You To Grow Your Business

By choosing PayrollBD as your Accounts Receivable Services outsourcing partner, you can get access to several benefits such as -

01. Our Accounts Receivable experts at PayrollBd Accounting create sales invoices based on the data given by the client. Before sending the email, the invoices must be approved by the client.

02. These invoices are generated either according to a pre-approved timeline or based on data provided by the customer.

03. PayrollBD Accounting Experts send an email with sales invoices and a monthly statement denoting the outstanding amount as of the date the client approves.

04. If the invoices and statements are not sent straight from accounting software, they are decided to post into the client's accounting software after they are sent.

05. Our specialists provide predefined reports such as Receivables Aging Report, Client Balance Notify, Open Itemized receipts Report, Sales by Client Summary, and so on at the periodic intervals agreed by the client.

06. We also send an email reminder to the client to clear any outstanding invoices from the past.

What Will You Gain From Our Accounts Receivable Services

1. Effective Communication

Our efforts are made in your honor and in the languages of your clients.

2. Technological Innovation

We manage all of your accounts receivable based on your customers' previous payment behavior.

3. Processes That Are Unique

We customize emails, notes, phone calls, and other communications to your specific needs and requirements.

4. Dashboards and customized reports

You can monitor our functions and export extensive data, including Supplier and ageing analyses, at any time.

Why To Choose Our Accounts Receivable Services

We are one of the leading AR outsourcing companies, and our group of expert Accounts Receivable services offers customized account managing solutions based on your company's needs. Some of the reasons you should choose PayrollBD Solutions for AR services are as follows:

1. Cost-Effective Prices

We offer our AR services at very reasonable prices, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. We will assist you in reducing your processing costs . in addition to 70%. Prices that are reasonable.

2. Simple Document Retrieval

Our accounts receivable services provide a centralized repository for all customer service documentation. We also make it simple to retrieve information and documents using a standard web browser.

3. Increase Your Cash Flow

We at payrollBD assist you in reducing missed payments and bad debt. Our expert services can also help you improve your cash flow and revenue. We are the best accounts receivable services provider

4. Professionals Services

We offer tailored inbound/outbound account management services in Bangladesh, as well as specialist handling and continuous monitoring of client disputes and discrepancies.

Frequently Asked Questions For Accounts Receivable Services

1How mush do accounts receivable services cost?
It all depends. Pricing is affected by a number of factors, including the amount of trading and the frequency with which your statements must be updated. Please contact us for a personalized quote. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you free yourself to zero in on different parts of your business.
2What is the definition of Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)?
Days sales outstanding allows businesses to calculate the ordinary number of days it takes to collect payment on a sale. It's also known as the average collection. DSO must be measured because it affects the business's cash flow. Low DSO indicates that it requires fewer days to receive accounts receivable, allowing the company to reinvest its cash.
3What is the distinction between accounts payable and receivable?
Accounts receivable are just the funds you expect to be paid for goods or services you provided. Accounts payable, on the other hand, are the amounts owed to suppliers and creditors for the purchase of goods or services.
4Is working in accounts receivable a stressful job?
The accounts receivable person specification can be quite stressful, as it requires handling accounts and large amounts of money on a daily basis.
5Can I hire you for accounts receivable services it's own?
Yes, you can purchase AR on its own or packaged with other services.

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